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Policies, Terms and Conditions:
The terms, policies and conditions (collectively known as "Conditions") described below govern the use of this site (referred to as "www.yourwdwstore.net" or "yourwdwstore"). Your use and/or placement of any order indicates your acceptance of these following Conditions. Your WDW Store, www.yourwdwstore.com, and www.yourwdwstore.net are all registered trademarks and domains owned by CDI Marketing of Florida. Any use of Your WDW Store, in part or whole must be approved in writing by CDI Marketing. Any use of such without permission shall be pursued to the full extent that the law provides.
- Copyright and Trademark Notice
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- Multiple Product Orders
- Order Acceptance Policy
- Order Cancellation
- Other Conditions
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- Personal & Company Checks
- Pins, Special and Seasonal Merchandise
- Privacy
- Privacy on Other Web Sites
- Restocking/Cancellation Fee
- Return Address
- Returns/Exchanges
- Shipping and Damage Claims
- Taxes
- Trusted International Buyer Certification
- Typographical Errors
- Walt Disney Enterprises Inc. Affiliation

Collect-ability of Items - Each and every item we sell, is an "Official" or "Authentic" item, licensed by or sold by Disney. Over the years, only one company has had a dramatic increase in value of it's items after purchase - Disney. This increase in monetary value of simple and sometimes mundane items has led certain people to believe that each and every item sold by Disney should be treated with the utmost care and careful consideration...

Is everything Disney Sells a Collectible? -  In a certain sense, from a specific aspect, everything Disney sells is a collectible. Everything from the simple free napkin you receive with a hot dog in the theme park, right up to the 7 Million Dollar decommissioned monorail that has seen better days. There is no denying that someone, somewhere, is looking to collect something Disney has sold, no matter what the cost, the price, or the morality.

Does YourWDWStore consider each and every item they sell, a collectible? - NO. We are a collectibles and souvenir re-seller. We do not manufacturer, produce, or create any of the items we sell. As such, we do not consider what we are selling to be for one specific purpose, goal or use. The items we sell, we consider, for the intent and purpose of "General Use By All".

What does "GENERAL USE BY ALL" Mean? - This means that if you buy an item, we assume you are buying the item to use it. We assume you are not specifically buying the item to display it behind a wall of bullet proof glass. We assume you are not buying the item to place in a museum. We assume you are not buying the item, and expecting the item to arrive in "MINT" condition as you would a collectible gold coin from Fort KNOX, air-tight, and sealed in unbreakable acrylic casing.

Further Specifications - Here we will give some, but not all, examples of what our General purposing is specifically intending to describe.

CD's and DVD's. You are buying the CD or DVD itself. The case and packaging will come intact with your item, but if the "protective case" or the "Manufacturers Seal" are cracked, chipped, or torn in some minuscule fashion, it does not detract from the sale or purchase of the item. The protective case, if it is broken, but the CD or DVD arrives unscathed, then the case DID IT'S JOB. It protected your investment. If the Plastic Cellophane is torn off in a little area, but it shows your item is by and large UNOPENED, then the item is still SEALED. We do not consider small tears that occur in the seal when price tags are removed, or when items are handled for packaging and shipping, to be a purchase voiding issue. Every CD and DVD we ship is brand new and unopened. Some DVD's and CD's only come as part of a set from Disney, and are "Broken Up" / Sold individually by us. We will do our best to provide you with an item that is still sealed.

Toy Sets, Play Things, and Action Figures - We do not sell "Graded" items. We sell toys that we figure people are going to open and enjoy. All our action figures, no matter the price, are sold as toys. Not as your multi-million dollar jack-pot, or get rich scheme. If you buy an items from us, and you receive it, and the card is slightly bent, the bubble dented, the plastic is scuffed, or the seal is "incomplete by 1/84th of an inch" you can guarantee, our response to any complaint will be "You received the item as described. Thank you for your purchase."  Many of the items you receive from us may be worth much more than what you paid...  See the next section for more details.

Price Tags, Price Tag Removal, and Price Tag Retention - Okay, this may be a new concept we are introducing... but we think not. Since the advent of eBay, the price of common every day items now changes more than ever. You can buy 50 pairs of Levi Wranglers on eBay CHEAP. You can also now accumulate all manner of illegal items CHEAP. And you can also find some obscure collectibles, either previously used, displayed, or worn... CHEAP.   We are not a "CHEAP" Store.  We are not eBay. We do not sell Illegal or Unauthorized items someone is busy making in their garage or buying in super large bulk quantities like the guy you might know down the street who gets semi-truck loads of stuff from China every week.  Nope, sorry, that's not us. And as such, the following conditions exist, and agreed to, by all customers, simply by placing your order with us;

1.) The price you paid for the merchandise you bought from us, Your "Purchase Price" is binding for your purchase. We will not "Price Match" your purchase to match another retailer, or seller, no matter the source.
2.) The price you paid, at the time you paid, affects the world wide marketplace. If you buy an item for $10.00 and the very next day we are selling it for $15.00, the price increase is because we have found that the demand for the item has increased dramatically through a single day of selling or purchasing. We will not expect customers to pay an increased amount for their item after they make their purchase! At the same time, we WILL NOT decrease a customers purchase price to match the price of an item that suddenly drops the day after purchase. The price you paid at the time you made your purchase is your "Purchase Price".
3.) We compete with all other merchants world-wide. This means that our pricing is usually derived from a variety of different sources, and may be averaged to reflect certain conditions or assumptions we see in the world-wide market. For example - If we know an item is super quick to sell out, and each year the demand for this item is, quite frankly, INSANE, you may find we have very high pricing on that item. Regardless of all the other sellers who will sell the item for pennies over cost, and then come back to their customers weeks after the purchase and refund them because they sold the item for a higher price to someone else... or the eBay sellers who will sell 50 of the item they only have 10 of, and then only fill the top 10 highest price orders... We don't do that. We've been doing this for a number of years. If our prices are too high, please take your chances and buy from another seller. If our prices are way too low, and it says we have it in stock, don't go asking us how many of the item we have, because just contacting us, tells our system to re-evaluate the market price for any item. You may find the price we are offering to jump almost instantly!
4.) Your "Purchase Price" is FINAL and BINDING. It is not dependent on the price tag, the presence of, or absence of a price tag, or the original retail price, or even the liquidation price, of the item. Some people will buy an item for $20.00 and be so happy with their purchase it makes them weep for joy... only to look at the bottom of the item, see a price tag for $2.99 and then call us screaming because they feel they got ripped off. You didn't get ripped off - The price tag didn't get ripped off, that is all.
5.) The price we pay for items when we purchase them or obtain them, does NOT have any bearing on your "Purchase Price". We are here to make a living. You are not entitled to our bulk purchase discount, when purchasing your single item(s). We pay Sales Tax on all of our purchases from Disney, even if you do not. We buy items when they are Brand New, at Full Retail Price, plus Tax. If we receive a discount during our purchase, that discount goes towards our profit margin. You are not entitled to our profit margin, or any portion thereof. We buy items on Liquidation from Disney. The price we pay for these items may be any percentage lower than the full retail price. The price tag may reflect this pricing. This is not your pricing. This is not the price you are entitled to, regardless of the price tag attached to your item. You are entitled to the item you purchased, at the price you paid for the item, at the time you made your purchase. If you do not like the original price, or liquidation price,  listed on the price tag, that may have inadvertently been left on your item, feel free to remove it from your item, and dispose of it. The item is yours to do with what you want.
6.) We are not a rental company. We do not offer our items for sale until you find a better price somewhere else. We do not sell items to you at our price, while you wait for Disney to get around to selling the same item for retail, or while you wait for Disney to get the item back into stock. 

Lastly, we will not field emails and inquiries about this issue. Calling us and screaming at us about the price on the tag on the bottom of an item that we sold as "Unopened", of which our price was higher than the original retail or liquidation price, is unprofessional and considered by our business as an underhanded way to get an unwarranted discount on an item that was purchased from us at a price that was agreed to. We do have a mark up. We are a business. We are here to make a living. We hope you understand. And if you cannot, then we wish you well and hope you have a Magical Day.
^ Top

Copyright and Trademark Notice
Unless otherwise specified, all materials appearing on this site, including the text, site design, logos, graphics, icons, and images, as well as the selection, assembly and arrangement thereof, are the sole property of CDI Marketing, Copyright © 2008, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  You may use the content of this site only for the purpose of shopping on this site or placing an order on this site and for no other purpose. No materials from this site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means without our prior written permission. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Any unauthorized use of the materials appearing on this site may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.
^ Top

Coupons & Discounts
From time to time, CDI Marketing will offer different coupon codes in media and online.  Please note, we only can accept 1 coupon code per order.  Multiple uses per order are not accepted.  If used, we will honor the highest code presented and the other codes if used, will be invalid.  We will apply the proper charge back to the payment method on file. Gift certificates and store credits do not qualify as a coupon or discount.
^ Top

Credit Cards and PayPal
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept Paypal as a Credit Card processor.

  • There is no surcharge to you, the customer, for using your credit card to make purchases with us.
  • There is however a discount made available to customers who pay via alternate means. Alternative payment methods that do not cause CDI Marketing to incur payment processing fee's are referred to as "Fee Free". These "Fee Free" payment methods will receive a discount if requested, whereas Credit Card payments will not.
  • "Fee Free" Payment methods are as follows; CASH, Money Orders, Checks, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number (i.e. the address and phone number your credit card bank has on file for you). Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing your order, or may result in your order being cancelled by us.
  • Credit Card Processing through CDI Marketing Outline;
    • When an order is placed, an authorization for the entire order amount is requested from your Credit Cards Issuing Bank. 
    • Provided the issuing bank deems there to be sufficient credit available in your account at the time, the order is placed, and an "Authorization Code" is issued to the transaction. 
    • Authorization does not signify a charge is complete, and does not indicate order processing, fulfillment, or shipment.
    • Authorizations automatically expire within 7-10 days after approval, and funds held by your issuing bank against your cards available balance are then made available for your use again. Authorization expiration does not indicate order cancellation or a removal of obligation to make full payment for merchandise at the time of shipment. 
    • Once an order is processed for shipment, CDI Marketing will finalize the charge to your credit card account. This will immediately remove the full and final amount, which may differ from the initial authorized amount, if any detail or the order has changed in between order placement and shipment.
    • If a credit card charge is declined, refused, charged back, denied, or not fulfilled entirely, You, the card holder, are responsible for making full and complete payment via any other means.
    • In some cases, Credit Card authorizations may be charged immediately upon order placement, or if changes are made to the order. We reserve the right to charge a completed credit card charge at the time the order is placed, for any reason or no reason at all.
  • Credit Cards are not usually charged to completion upon placement of your order. Usually, an authorization is made, and your card is not charged until the order ships.
  • By placing an order with our website, you, the credit card holder or authorized representative of such, with permission to place orders on behalf of the cardholder and with authorization to use the cardholders account, agree to the following; 
    • Should there be any issue which requires refunding or recharging of your credit card, such as adding additional items after the initial order is placed, discounts or partial refunds issued for out of stock or canceled items, or Credit Card Charge Back issues, you are giving CDI Marketing the authorization to modify, refund, charge additional, or recharge amounts, directly related to your order.
    • No charges above or beyond or not directly related to your order will ever be made.
  • We, through our Credit card Merchant Supplier, and 3D-Cart, employ one of the very best encryption systems for your Credit Card information, with 128 bit encryption and a Secure and Locked SSL Certificate.
  • There is no surcharge to you, the customer, for using your PayPal account to make purchases with us.
  • There is however a discount made available to customers who pay via alternate means. Alternative payment methods that do not cause CDI Marketing to incur payment processing fee's are referred to as "Fee Free". These "Fee Free" payment methods will receive a discount if requested, whereas PayPal payments will not.
  • "Fee Free" Payment methods are as follows; CASH, Money Orders, Checks, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Please be sure to provide PayPal with your current valid exact Shipping Address and telephone number. Make sure that the address you are shipping your items to, is the same as the billing address for the credit card your are funding your paypal transaction with.
  • Many other companies that accept PayPal, as a matter of routine, violate the PayPay Seller Protection Policy, opening themselves to all forms of fraud and abuse. WE DO NOT. 
  • Regardless of the addresses that you enter into our system during checkout, PayPal supplies us with a REQUIRED SHIP TO address, that they feel is correct for your order. 
  • Incorrect shipping addresses in PayPal, or linked to your Credit Card information on hand in PayPal, may cause your order to be shipped to an older or invalid address. We do not change or alter addresses given to us by PayPal. This policy is posted in the PayPal User Agreement on PayPal's Website. If we ship to an address that PayPal provides to us, you, the PayPal account holder, is responsible for such shipment and retrieval of the order after delivery.
  • Please make sure to Eliminate or erase all old or invalid addresses from your PayPal account, and make sure the billing addresses for all credit cards held in PayPal are up to date, correct, confirmed, and designated as "Home Confirmed" to eliminate any issues. 
  • PayPal Processing through CDI Marketing Outline;
    • When an order is placed, your PayPal account is charged and the funds are transferred Immediately.
    • PayPal E-checks are held against clearing times, and shipments are not processed by us until the funds have cleared and have been deposited into our account.
  • PayPal charges your credit card on file at the time the order is placed. This is not our policy. This is PayPal's Policy, which you determine to be valid and agreed to, by using PayPal. Please do not call us asking why your card was charged, but your items have not shipped yet, when you used Paypal to make the payment.
  • By placing an order with our website, you, the paypal account holder or authorized representative of such, with permission to place orders on behalf of the account holder and with authorization to use the account holders account, agree to the following; 
    • Should there be any issue which requires refunding or recharging of your paypal account, such as adding additional items after the initial order is placed, discounts or partial refunds issued for out of stock or canceled items, or Credit Card Charge Back issues, you are giving CDI Marketing the authorization to modify, refund, charge additional, or recharge amounts, directly related to your order.
    • No charges above or beyond or not directly related to your order will ever be made to your account.
    • If you decide to cancel your order, and you have used PayPal as your payment method, you agree that in any event, the maximum refund that you will receive under any circumstances is, the full amount of your payment Minus 30 cents USD. This 30 cents USD is the amount that Paypal charges in order to accept and process the funds to the vendor. This amount is automatically deducted from the payment before it reaches the vendor, and is never refunded by Paypal under any circumstances.
  • We, through our web hosting provider, 3D-Cart, employ one of the very best encryption systems for your PayPal account information, with 128 bit encryption and a Secure and Locked SSL Certificate.
^ Top

Handling Time
Most orders will ship within 7 business days or less, provided the product ordered is in stock, or on order from the main warehouse. If this is not quick enough for you we do offer faster handling times for an additional charge. Please call us if this is needed. 1 (877) 296-8793

Handling Time

 Upgrade Cost

As soon as you can

7 days or less


Please rush it

Guaranteed* 1-2 days


Wow - I need it shipped NOW

Guaranteed* 1 day


*Order and payment must be completed by 2:00 pm. If item is not postmarked within the guaranteed time the upgrade cost will be refunded. Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.
^ Top

Incomplete/Incorrect Orders
We try our best to handle every order with as much care as possible. However, if you need to return an item due to an error on our part, please e-mail us or call us at 1-877-296-8793 within 3 days of receipt.
^ Top

Legal Notice
The ability to place orders on our website, and fund their completion with electronically conveyed payments provided by Credit Cards is a convenience we provide our customers with, under penalty of law, that this convenience not be used to obtain merchandise fraudulently, or by means of reversing such payments after the merchandise has been received.

By placing an order or our website in combination with completing the transaction by funding the purchase with a Credit Card, you, the customer, hereby certify that all information indicated in the order details is true and accurate, and that by placing your order, and specifically, by providing your name on such order details, you are submitting your electronic signature, which shall have the same legal effect as if made under oath; that you are the valid cardholder or an authorized user by the cardholder, and are authorized to submit and complete such transactions in the cardholders name.

By placing an order on our website, you agree to not file Credit Card charge backs for "Unauthorized Transaction" as your completion of such an order positively determines Authorization at the time of completion.

By placing an order on our website, you agree that you, the cardholder, or both, are responsible and accountable for any costs, penalties, fee's, court fines, or monetary or legal liability, arising from any Credit Card Charge Back issues or cases.

By placing an order on our website, you also agree to the following; In the event that you, or the cardholder, files a credit card charge back or reversal of funding for any order after it has been shipped, or delivered, all fee's, fines, penalties, both legal and administrative, shall be the sole responsibility and accountability of you, the cardholder or both.

That you will pay for our legal representation, in the State of Florida, so that we may pursue and prosecute you, to the fullest extent of the law, with no financial or monetary loss to us, our owners, business, or any organization or entity related to us, other than you or the cardholder.

That this agreement may be changed, in whole, or in any part, only by Kerry R Williams D.B.A. CDI Marketing on the website www.yourwdwstore.net, at any time, with or without notice to you, or the cardholder, and that any such revisions or changes shall be retroactive to the time the order was placed by you, or the cardholder, on the website.
^ Top

This site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that we're not responsible for the operation of or content located on or through any such site.
^ Top

Money Orders, Western Union, & Paypal
Here are CDI Marketing, we understand that people have different desires about what way they want to pay for their purchases. 

Some people do not want to put Credit Card information through the internet. Others do not have or want Credit Cards at all. And yet some others see the Credit Card industry as an unneeded middle man, skimming the profits from all businesses large and small. We understand, and we accept many forms of "Fee Free" Payment methods. We also offer these payment methods AT A DISCOUNT. This means that if you inform us after placing your order, via one of these methods, we will add in a discount between 1% and 5% of your order total, to your order. This percentage is determined by proprietary factors that concern the processing of your orders payment, and each items handling cost. We do not automatically apply this discount, it must be asked for before payment is made, in order to be applied.

The following "Fee Free" payment methods are accepted;
  • Money Orders
  • Certified/Cashiers/Bank Guaranteed Checks
  • Western Union Money Transfers
  • Telexpress Money Transfers
  • Money Grams
  • Bank Money/Wire transfers
  • CASH through the Mail.
  • Any other form of payment that is not Instantaneous, carries a time delay, does not have shipping requirements, is considered by CDI Marketing as a "Fee Free" or "FF" Payment. 
  • We accept All "Fee Free" (FF) payments, in U.S. Dollars Funds. All FF Payments must be in U.S. Dollars funds. All FF payments, must be completed before the order can be shipped. Completed FF payments are payments that have cleared the banks deposit processing system, no matter the time requirements involved, and the funds have to be deposited into our account. All FF payments must be received by us, no later than two weeks after order placement. If payment is received more than two weeks after order placement, it is solely up to CDI Marketing's discretion whether to fill the order, cancel the order and refuse payment, or to fill a portion of the order and send a merchandise credit for the remaining balance. We cannot guarantee the availability of a product by the time funds clear or payment is received. 
  • All FF Payments must be made payable to; 
      45633 HWY 27
      Davenport, FL. 33897
^ Top

Multiple Product Orders
For a multiple product order, we will make every attempt to ship all products contained in the order at the same time. Products that are unavailable at the time of shipping will be shipped as they become available, unless you inform us otherwise. The entirety of the shipping charge may be applied to the first product(s) shipped on a multiple shipment order.
^ Top

Order Acceptance Policy
Receiving an email confirmation of your order placement, does not set any legal precedence, or requirement for fulfillment.
  • When you place an order with our website, the system will automatically generate an order confirmation email. This is simply to let you know that the order has been submitted to us, and also to allow you to review your order in case you made any mistakes to the billing or shipping address, or possibly mistakes with the order details.
  • Your receipt of an electronic, web based, or any other form of order confirmation, does not signify our acceptance of your order, or our obligation to fulfill your order.
  • CDI Marketing reserves the right to modify any order details in part or in whole, or to cancel said order completely, with or without penalty to the customer.
  • Order quantities may be changed to suit current availability, or on hand quantities if we are unable to obtain additional quantities at the time. Removal of additional quantities does not mean that we will never get additional quantities into stock or that they will not become available at a later date. CDI Marketing is in no way obligated to fulfill removed quantities at a later date, with previous order prices or any other limiting factor. 
  • CDI Marketing reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason or no reason at all, at any time, for any item or items. 
^ Top

Order Cancellation
Cancellations must be faxed to 863-424-7255, received and verified, within 2 (two) hours of your order placement. A follow up Phone Call to confirm your cancellation fax is required. A fee of 25% will be charged for all orders.

If a canceled order is shipped in error please refuse the package or contact our customer service department at 1-877-296-8793 or e-mail support@yourwdwstore.net. Before a merchandise credit is issued, the product must be returned in its original condition to our warehouse. S&H will not be refunded and a restocking fee will be assessed before the merchandise credit is issued.

Items that have already been shipped or are in transit unfortunately can not be canceled. You will be responsible to refuse the package or return the product to CDI Marketing and will be issued a store gift certificate less the shipping charges and the restocking fee once the item(s) are returned in the original condition to our warehouse.

All canceled orders are subject to forfeiture of all S&H paid, and the standard restocking fee, special circumstances excluded (i.e. duplicated orders or admin cancellations)

Limited Edition items, and personalized items cannot ever be canceled for any reason.
^ Top

Other Conditions
These Conditions will supersede any terms and/or conditions you include with any purchase order, regardless of whether CDI Marketing signs them or not. We reserve the right to make changes to this site and these Conditions at any time.
^ Top

Out-of-Stock Products
We will ship your product as it becomes available. Usually, products ship within 2-5 business days. However, there may be times when the product you have ordered is out-of-stock which will delay fulfilling your order.
^ Top

Personal & Company Checks
We accept company and personal checks in U.S. Dollars only. For personal and company checks, please allow up to 10 banking days after receipt for clearance of funds before the order is processed. We cannot guarantee the availability of a product the time funds clear or payment is received. We will charge a $35 fee on all returned checks.
^ Top

One of the many services CDI Marketing provides to it's customers, is the ability to customize, also known as "personalize", almost any product they are purchasing from the website. 

Personalization is done by customer request only, and involves altering or adding to the item being sold, in such a way, that they item is made familiar or personal to the customer purchasing the item.

Personalization can be done in a variety of ways; Engraving, Embroidery, Painting, Signing, etc.

Because personalized items cannot be "un-personalized" and cannot be re-sold to someone else, there are no returns, refunds, exchanges, cancellations, or removal of personalized items from a persons order once the order is placed.

Personalization is done by hand in most cases, and is done by Disney Artists. We are not Disney Artists. We do not vouch for their art work, or their expertise. We are letting you know, up front, that there are no returns for Personalized items, with the following exceptions;

1.) If you specify a word or name, and the Disney Artists Incorrectly spells the name or word, we will accept a return of that item, and have Disney Artists correct the misspelling. If they cannot correct the same item, they will replace the item and do the work correctly. If the item cannot be replaced, the items price will be refunded to you.

2.) If there is some sort of Personalization that was left off or forgotten, we will accept a return of the item, and have the Disney Artists add the missing word, word(s), characters or options to the Personalization that should have been included from the start.

That is all. there are no other exceptions.

We will not argue the validity of what a letter looks like. Each Disney Artist has their own unique and distinctive style. Some will include looping letters with little hanging balls and points in their lettering. Other artists will write the wording smaller or larger than others. When we drop off our orders for Personalization, we have no control over what artists is working that day or that shift. In fact, sometimes our order is spanned out over multiple artists working over a week or more.

If you want all your Personalization to match as close as possible, then you may request in the order comments block, to have the same artist do all your pieces. Artist names can be furnished by request, and if the Disney Artist is still employed, in the future when you have more pieces made, you may request the same artist.

Please note: Disney Ornament Artists do all their artwork, BY HAND. They do not use Laser Levels to put straight lines on ornaments. They do not hang ornaments to find the center of gravity, and then sight line the wording for straightness or centering. Everything is done by hand and by reference to the ornament itself. This means, when you receive an ornament, the wording on the body of the ornament may be in line with the curve of the ornament, or the figure attached to the top, or the Logo wording on the body, or the nipple of the Ornament ball, or possibly even not in alignment at all. Disney Artists will center wording to the best of their ability. Disney Artist do not hang ornaments to ensure level wording, due to the fact that each ornament hangs differently, and the center of gravity varies wildly from one ornament to another in the same design type. To put it simply, trying to make perfectly level wording on a curving surface that hangs askew, is futile.

If you receive a personalized item that is DAMAGED DURING SHIPMENT, then your damaged item qualifies for replacement without need for a return. Please read the terms and conditions portion regarding insurance claims, and send us an email describing the condition of the item upon receipt and provide pictures of the damaged item if possible. Please send your email to :  customerservice@yourwdwstore.com   include your order number in the subject line.
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Pins, Special and Seasonal Merchandise
All Pins, Pin related Merchandise and Special or Seasonal Merchandise cannot be returned or canceled for any reason. 
Due to the nature of Disney Collectible Pins, Pin Accessories, And Special or Seasonal Merchandise Such as Event or Time Specific Merchandise, we will not accept any returns, refusals, or cancellations of these types of merchandise.
Here is a brief list of some of the items that cannot be returned once ordered. This list is not complete and any item may be added to the list at any time.
  • Limited Edition (LE) and Limited Release (LR) Pins
  • Special Event (SE) Pins
  • Purchase with Purchase and Promotional Pins
  • Cast Lanyard and Hidden Mickey Pins
  • Pin Lanyards, Lanyard Medals, Pin Bags, ID Pouches, Fast Pass Holders, Pin Backs, and or any Pin Display Merchandise
  • Jumbo Pins, Boxed Pin Sets, Framed Pin Sets, Carded Pin Sets.
  • Special Event Merchandise, Such as Disney's Star Wars Weekends Merchandise, Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Merchandise, Disney's Very Merry Christmas Party Merchandise.
  • Snowglobes (Snow and Water Globes collectively referred to as Snowglobes)
  • Lithographs, Limited Edition Prints, CirCels, or Hand Painted Cels.
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We want our customers to have a safe and secure shopping experience when they visit our website. In order to facilitate this, we have employed the following measures;
  • We have a SECURE and LOCKED SSL Certificate. If you are shopping our website, you can change your http:// to https:// for a more secure shopping experience.
  • We have encrypted our website with 128 Bit Encryption. This means all your information, when being transferred in or out of the website to the credit card server, or shipping database, is always secure and encrypted.
  • We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from our site, and provide any personal private information, we keep it that way. We only use this information to process your orders, and to keep you updated on your orders in order to personalize your shopping experience.
  • If you check out as a "Guest", and choose to not make an account, we do not save your contact information for any other purpose. You may not receive emails from us for order confirmation, processing, packing, back order status, shipping, or review. When you elect to not create an account with us, we are respecting your privacy, and your want to simply purchase a product and have it arrive via the shipping carrier. That is all.
  • Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology. Firewalls are important to keep all your information private and secure.
  • Secure Newsletter. If you have signed up for our newsletter, in order to keep you informed about our latest offers, we may notify you of current promotions, specials and new additions to the site. You may unsubscribe from our newsletters, at any time, by sending us and email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.
  • When entering any of our contests or prize drawings, if you provide any personal private information, and you subsequently win, we will send the prize to the address entered and notify you by email. When you enter a contest or drawing you are automatically included in our newsletter list to receive notice of promotions, specials and new additions to the site. You may unsubscribe from this news list by sending us and email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.
  • We do use a few "cookies" to keep track of your current shopping session to personalize your experience and so that you may retrieve your shopping cart at any time. If you disable "cookies" in your browser, or inhibit them in any way, your shopping cart may seem to act "wonky". The "Cookies" keep track of what you put in your shopping cart until you check out. Without them, every time you add an item to your cart and then move to another page, the items will disappear!
  • Lastly, if you do not wish to allow cookies, please feel free to call us and place your order by phone. We will be more than happy to accommodate you!
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Privacy on Other Web Sites
Other sites accessible through our site have their own privacy policies and data collection practices. Please consult each site's privacy policy. CDI Marketing is not responsible for the actions of third parties. The third party websites we are referring to are as follows, but not limited to; Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Blogger, Tumblr, Pintrest, Google, Web Email Servers, Web Print Servers, Bongo International, and more.
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Restocking/Cancellation Fee
All returned orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee. If you should decide to return your order you will receive a store credit, in the form of a gift certificate, for the price of the item(s) minus a 25% restocking fee.

All canceled orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee. If you should decide to cancel your order you will receive a store credit, in the form of a gift certificate, for the price of the item(s) minus a 25% restocking fee.
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Return Address

Send all returns to:
CDI Marketing
ATTN: Returns
45633 HWY 27
Davenport, FL. 33897

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We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase and shopping experience here at Your WDW Store, brought to you by CDI Marketing. 

All orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Personalized items, Limited Edition Pins, Seasonal items and food items are not returnable for any reason. 

If you are not satisfied with your order you must follow the steps below; 
  1. You will need to sign into your account on the site. You must do this within 3 days of receipt. 
  2. Click on the "View Details" for the order with the item(s) you would like to return. 
  3. Click on "Add New RMA" 
  4. Fill in the details for the item(s) and if you would like a Gift Certificate or an exchange for the same item. 
  5. Once your request is approved you will need to ship the item(s) back to us in the original and unused condition at your expense. Please put the RMA number and the order number on the outside of the box.
  6. Submitting an RMA does not guarantee you an approval, and is not an automatic approval to return an item.
  7. Approval must be granted in order for an item to be returned for which you will receive compensation.
  8. Unapproved or Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to sender, back to the customer.
All orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Personalized items, Limited Edition Pins, Seasonal items and food items are not returnable for any reason. 

All apparel must receive approval before returning for an exchange. We cannot guarantee that an alternate size will be available, and some apparel items are made to order, and cannot be returned. All shirts that have a variable color option, and/or option to be personalized, are subject to this return/exchange approval requirement. In some cases, these items cannot be returned. 

Please call our customer service dept. at 1-877-296-8793 for assistance. Our return address can be found on the contact us page.

All orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Personalized items, Limited Edition Pins, Seasonal items and food items are not returnable for any reason. 
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Shipping and Damage Claims
All information concerning Insurance Claims for any and all reasons are listed in our  SHIPPING POLICY 
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CDI Marketing shall automatically charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for all orders to be delivered to addresses within the state of Florida. Applicable Sales Tax Rate is based on the point of sale location, not the Ship to Address.

For orders shipped to any other state, or country, you, the purchaser, are solely responsible for all sales taxes, duties, customs, or other taxes charged or incurred before, during, or after delivery.

CDI Marketing is not a "Wholesaler" or Distributor of merchandise for resale. We are an end consumer, internet based, collectibles retailer. We do not accept Florida Re-Sale or Sales Tax Certificates for Sales tax exemption.

It is the State of Florida that sets forth the law concerning Sales Tax, and businesses recouping the sales tax that they pay to vendors that do not accept or recognize the Florida Sales Tax Certificates.

It is the Florida Department of Revenue, that has specifically set forth upholding and defining the laws that were created by the state.

CDI Marketing pays their own vendors, including and primarily, Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios, over $15,000.00 in combined Sales Tax, Annually. Each of these entities knows and understands that the merchandise we purchase is for the sole intent and purpose of resale, however, each of these company's refuses to accept our certificates for sales tax exemption.

This is due to their "discount policies" which strictly prohibit the issuing of more than one discount on any transaction. We normally purchase in bulk, specifically for resale, and we receive a standard discount already. Therefore under their terms and conditions, we cannot receive such items tax free, as that would be yet another discount. We have attempted to argue the point many times in the past, and the entire argument is futile.

Since our standard discount is more than the Sales Tax rate, we opt for the discount that provides us with the greatest financial stability.

Also, we do not provide or participate in the State of Florida's "Assignment of Rights" documentation. This documentation is provided to Florida Businesses in order for them to legally recoup the tax they paid to any vendor, when the product they purchased was for the sole intent and purpose of resale...

We have asked the State of Florida Department of Revenue, How on Earth, do they expect, any business to receive an "Assignment of Rights" Document from any vendor, legally or legitimately?

If the company is not willing to accept our Sales and Reuse Tax Certificate, and has specific rules in place to prevent it's use, how does the State of Florida expect us, the purchaser, to get the vendor to comply with filling out and SIGNING a legal document, Assigning the rights to the Sales Tax, to the purchaser!

We have petitioned the State for a refund in excess of $17,000 in Sales Tax, for the fiscal year of 2011, paid to the State of Florida, through our vendors, by us, on merchandise we purchased for the sole intent and purpose of reselling it on our website. Our vendors refused to accept our Sales and Reuse certificate, they also laughed at us when we asked for the assignment of rights form to be filled out and signed for each and every one of the 2559 receipts from that same year. We were denied a refund, and received back, not a single penny of tax we paid. We appealed the denial three times, including sending it to the State of Florida Highest appeals committee. There, the committee called us and informed us quite clearly and directly, that acceptance of the the Sales and Reuse Tax Certificate form is voluntary, and so is the Assignment of Rights form. And if a vendor chooses to not accept either, that is their prerogative. There is no law enforcing or requiring acceptance of either form, however the law is quite clear... If the vendor refuses to accept the certificate and no "Assignment of rights" form has been obtained, there will never be a single penny of tax refunded.

So, we thank the State of Florida for creating "complete" laws that pack the state coffers with funds "legally" obtained through the numerous loopholes and SINKHOLES the Florida Legislature has had written into such laws.
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Trusted International Buyer Certification
Our Trusted International Buyer Credit Card Certification Process provides a way for international buyers to certify that they are placing authorized purchases on our website, and that they are the authorized user and cardholder.

This certification is required for all new international orders, and all international buyers, who choose to fund their purchases with any sort of credit card, check card, bank card, debit card, etc. 

This certification eliminates the signature upon delivery requirement placed by the credit card companies, whereby CDI Marketing then needs to charge higher shipping and handling rates on international orders when the weight and size of the order is low, but the order total is high.

This certification also allows the purchaser to specifically select the rate of shipment, and have that rate of shipment charged, regardless of the Credit card companies requirement, since the requirement is being fulfilled in advance. 

  • The customer must provide a legible copy or picture of their government issued photo ID, showing their picture, their signature, and their address.
  • The address on the aforementioned ID, must match the shipping address, AND the billing address of the credit card used to fund the transaction.
  • The customer must provide a legible copy or picture of the credit card used to fund the transaction, and the name on the card must match that of the purchaser and the ID provided.
  • The customer must lastly provide the following Signed Statement. The signature must be that of the card holder, and must match the credit card and the aforementioned ID as well. This can be hand written or copied from this text, and the required signature affixed.
I,                   (PRINTED Name of Card Holder)                , certify that I am making authorized purchases on the website www.yourwdwstore.net, and that I am the authorized user and the cardholder. 
I authorize CDI Marketing, to make charges to my card, for the sole intent and purpose of funding my purchases, in order to fulfill my orders and ship my orders in accordance with the shipping rates I designate in my orders.
I acknowledge that my IP address is recorded for every transaction, including the date and time, and that by providing my following signature, I am certifying that I am making these purchases legitimately, and of my own free will.
I acknowledge that my orders will be shipped to the credit cards billing address I have provided, and by signing, I also accept delivery of all orders I place.
I understand I am responsible for paying any and all duties or taxes that my country levy's against the delivery of my order.

                  ( SIGNED  Name of Card Holder )                , Do Certify
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Typographical Errors
While we make every effort to ensure that all information displayed on our website is correct, occasionally a typographical error can occur or merchandise pictured will be different from the actual item due to various quality and packaging issues. To continue our commitment of providing you with the best possible service, we will inform you of any known discrepancies when you place your order or as quickly as possible thereafter. 

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error or error in pricing information received from our suppliers, CDI Marketing shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the product listed at the incorrect price. CDI Marketing shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, CDI Marketing shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price. 

We reserve the right to cancel or modify promotions at any time due to system or typographical error, fraud or other unforeseen problems. We reserve the right to change prices on the site at any time.
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Walt Disney Enterprises Inc. Affiliation
CDI Marketing and it's owners are not affiliated, associated, related, or linked to "Disney",Disney Enterprises Inc., The Walt Disney Company or any Disney ENTITY, either Real or Assumed, in any way, shape or form. All Disney parks, attractions, Characters, Trademarks, Trademark names, lands,shows, event names, etc. are registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company. We do not accept any liability, indemnity, responsibility, or accountability for any such action, result or situation, from assumption or confusion due to not reading or reading this and misinterpreting it.
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Disney Dangle Charm - Charmed In The Park - Elsa and Anna
Disney Mickey Pin - Fire Department
Disney Mickey Pin - Mickey Mouse - Firefighter Fireman with Hose
Disney Chip & Dale Snack Co. - Mickey Puffs Cheese Crackers - 3 oz.
Disney Minnie's Bake Shop - Rice Crispy Mickey Treat
Mystery Item
Disney Goofy Candy Co. - Sour Character Gummies
Disney Hat - Ears Hat - Graduation Class of 2014
Disney Chip & Dale Snack Co. - Mickey Mouse Baked Pretzels - 14oz Bag
Disney Plush - Frozen - Olaf the Snowman - 12
Disney Figurine Set - Frozen Play Set
Disney Minnie's Bake Shop - Rice Crispy Treat - Easter Egg
Disney Vera Bradley Bag - Midnight with Mickey - Black Tote
Disney Tote Bag - Duffy the Disney Bear Plush Wristbag - 10
Disney Coffee Cup Mug - Animal Print Mickey Icons
Disney Frozen Pin - Disney’s Frozen Princess Anna & Queen Elsa Jeweled
Disney Pressed Penny Book - Storybook - Mickey and Friends
Disney Dooney & Bourke Bag - Tinker Bell - Satchel
Disney Minnie's Bake Shop - Rice Crispy Treat - Easter Bunny
Disney Coffee Cup Mug - Alice In Wonderland - Triple Stack
Disney Earrings - Hoops and Mickey Icons - Birthstones
Disney Picture Frame - Clear Glass Best Vacation Ever - 4 x 6
Disney Trinket Box - Frozen Jewelry Box - Anna and Elsa with Olaf
Disney Vera Bradley Blanket - Midnight with Mickey

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