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During this trying time in the world, we are doing our best to provide our customers with a bit of the magic while they may not be able to partake in the Theme Parks or shopping experiences directly.

All items we sell are obtained directly from the Disney Area Theme Parks, Hotels and Resorts, Water Parks, Stores, Manufacturers and Distributors.
Due to a number of these entities being closed (Due to COVID-19), and multiple warehouses being closed, and no definitive date being given for reopening, we have made some adjustments to our website in order to adapt.

  • We have temporarily eliminated a great number of items from our site, as they are currently not in stock. Normally, we would allow customers to place orders against our anticipated stock arrival, and customers would see the stock message of "Usually Ships Within 7 Days", but this is no longer the case. Now, these items will immediately show as "OUT OF STOCK".
  • A large number of items that we anticipate being able to obtain quickly once the theme parks and warehouses reopen, have had their stock message modified from "Usually Ships Within 7 Days" to "Back-Ordered - Ships When Stock Arrives (When Parks Reopen)".
  • We have removed PayPal as a primary and automated Payment Method. This is due to a number of factors, but chiefly among them is PayPal's strict adherence to a NON-REFUNDABLE Payment Acceptance Fee. Every payment processor charges a fee to accept and process payments for the website. Most payment processors refund a majority of this fee if we need to refund someone, thus, making the refund process fairly pain free and financially viable. PayPal used to do the same. They no longer refund any portion of their fees at all, under any circumstances. To prevent multiple customers from placing orders, not realizing their items(s) or orders(s) won't ship until the parks reopen, and then demanding a refund, -which would lead to a plethora of PayPal refunds whereby PayPal's policies would directly hinder and exacerbate the already strangling financial situation, we have removed PayPal as an automated Payment option.
  • We have instituted stricter shipping guidelines. When using PayPal, we can only ship to the address PayPal provides us with your payment details, regardless of what address you provided during the checkout process. With credit cards, we will only ship to the cardholder's billing address.
  • We have changed our Local Pick Up Policy. Customers who wish to pick up their orders in person can still do so, but with modified conditions. We ask that customers who are picking up their orders instead of having them shipped,