4 Fan-Favorite Disney-Themed Hoodie Jackets

Hoodie jackets are as much a staple of the modern young person’s wardrobe as a comfortable pair of jeans. The odds are good that you keep one or more in your own closet. And why shouldn’t you? They’re soft, stylish, warm, protective from sunlight and rain, and just plain cool.

They’re so cool, in fact, that the Disney Company just couldn’t resist making a few of their own. You can find plenty of hoodie jackets based your favorite characters and attractions. We created a list with some of our favorites, so fans can pick something that they’ll love.

Are You Scared of the Park?

Diehard Disney fans know all too well that many merchandise items can only be found at the parks. They’re wrong: they can also find them, albeit in limited supplies, here at Your WDW Store. The “Are You Scared of the Park?” adult hoodie is just one example. This rare item originates in the annual Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween event at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You can order it here if you love Halloween at Disney World — or just want to prove that you’re not scared.

World of Avatar Na’vi

Let’s shed our snarky internet personae and be real here: James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar was awesome. It became the highest-grossing movie in history because nearly everyone went to see it multiple times in 3D. Instead of pretending like history didn’t happen, let’s embrace Pandora once more with the World of Avatar Na’vi adult hoodie. Get this Animal Kingdom-exclusive jacket while you can. We have a feeling that the upcoming sequels will remind everyone of the magic they once felt.

Star Wars Classic

Star Wars so unstuck from time and culturally omnipresent that we often forget it started in the ‘70s. The Star Wars Adult Classic Windbreaker Jacket is a stark reminder, incorporating the classic logo into a totally retro design. The stripes are a striking combination of colors that instantly bring to mind 1977, the year of A New Hope’s release. Add a few silhouettes of that first film’s most iconic characters and you’ve got yourself one groovy hoodie.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Maybe it all started with a mouse, but the Disney Company’s filmography features a rich range of memorable feline and canine characters. You’ve got classics: Lady and the Tramp, the riddle-loving Cheshire Cat, Mickey Mouse’s own pal Pluto. More recent fan favorites include the verbose Dug from Up, the gourmet puppy from Feast, and Yzma in her precious kitten form. All these icons and many more can be spotted in the Reigning Cats and Dogs rain jacket. See how many you can identify in this gorgeous all-over tapestry.

Hoodie Jackets at Your WDW Store

Hoodie jackets are a welcome addition to any wardrobe, and Disney-themed versions are all the better. Your WDW Store is home to over 250 distinct pullovers, zip-ups, windbreakers, and so much more. Check out our immense selection of hoodie jackets today so you can enjoy their warmth, comfort, quality, and wonderful designs.