4 Trendy & Collectible Disney Pin Accessories

Amid a dazzling array of Disney collectibles, the pin stands out. These engraved enamel badges are unique works of art that number in the thousands, and enthusiasts have been trading them for decades now. Various Disney pin accessories also exist to make the hobby more manageable. Here are a few examples.


When you visit the Disney resorts, you’ll want to show off your pins. You never know when you’ll meet a fellow collector who’s interested in trading. Keeping your collection in your pockets is no good for that. Most hobbyists prefer to wear lanyards, which allow them to proudly display their pins.

Disney lanyards are designed for this pastime, so sticking your pins on there will be a snap. On top of that, they’re collectible in their own right. You can find all kinds of lanyards with all kinds of theming. We’ll discuss them in greater detail with a dedicated blog post coming real soon.

Pin Bags

Lanyards are not the only Disney pin accessories one can use to show off their stuff. Pin bags are like other wearable bags, allowing you to store and tote around contents. They differ in having the additional feature of a pockmarked area, where one can attach and advertise their pins.

Disney has a few under their own name, but the most stylish ones come from Loungefly. They offer backpacks based on Disney characters and iconography, and a relevant pin is included with each one. What more could collectors ask for, especially from a handy bag built for pin presentation?

Lanyard Pouches

When you visit Disney parks, you’ll definitely bring more than just your enamel collectibles. You may need your ticket, your credit card, the key for your lodging, your car keys, hand sanitizer, and possibly more. All that stuff can weigh down your pockets or require a cumbersome purse, and that’s not even mentioning pins.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Lanyard pouches can hold all those aforementioned things and more. They attach to and detach from lanyards and pin bags with a lobster claw clip. Having them on your person makes it easier to pull out whatever you need whenever you need.


Bolo lanyards are not like your average lanyards. For starters, instead of simply slipping it over your head, you secure it around your neck with a sliding fastener. Moreover, they have much less surface area on which you can put your pins. What use can it be to collectors?

Two aspects make it potentially worthwhile to own. One is that some come with their own cardholders, which you can use for tickets, hotel keys, credit cards, and IDs. On that note, the other is that other than limited-run special event merch, most bolo lanyards are authentic Disney cast member gear. Either way, they’re rare and potentially valuable to any Disney fan.

Disney Pin Accessories at Your WDW Store

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