5 Amazing Figurines from the Disney Showcase Collection

If you ask any dedicated Disney figurine collector about the Disney Showcase Collection, their eyes may brighten and brim with enthusiasm. Created by Enesco, the same company behind Department 56, this line of statues and similar creations is stunning in its sheer craft and astounding detail. In this article, we will describe a few of our favorite figurines from the collection.

Cinderella Limited Edition 1950

One limited-edition line from the Disney Showcase Collection is Disney on Parade!, which takes inspiration from the theme parks’ daily processions. The Cinderella Limited Edition 1950 is rather simple in concept, yet lovely in execution and as detailed as you’d desire. It features the princess herself in her beloved baby-blue ballroom dress, riding a pumpkin carriage with the hood down. Her mice companions are at either side, smiling as she lifts a hand to wave at her fans.

Couture de Force Queen of Hearts

Maybe straightforward depictions of familiar characters, however gorgeously rendered, just won’t cut it for you. In that case, the Couture de Force line may be just your style. These dazzling designs feature all your favorite Disney heroes and villains dressed to the nines in runway-ready outfits. The Couture de Force Queen of Hearts isn’t heading for any meager tea party. Her grandiose outfit will draw all kinds of compliments, even without the threat of beheading. She might demand it anyway, but she’ll look amazing while making the order.

Beauty and the Beast Goblet

The Disney Showcase Collection isn’t simply limited to figurines. Among its more unique offerings is a line of dazzling goblets, with a level of craft that’s fit for royalty. On that note, one of the most magnificent examples is the Beauty and the Beast goblet. It features four pieces of faux stained glass artwork based on the classic film’s prologue and its triumphant last shot. The cup itself is also a work of art, with sixteen gem-like stones studding its exterior.

Grand Jester Studios Sally

Related to Enesco is Grand Jester Studios, which makes its own contributions to the Disney Showcase Collection in the form of busts. These statues present timeless Disney characters from the waist up, with unique bases that highlight their character. The Grand Jester Studios Sally bust, for example, depicts the outstandingly recreated Nightmare Before Christmas character emerging from her kitchen cauldron. She holds and is surrounded by the ingredients that knock out her master, giving her the ability to escape and live her life.

Art Deco Snow White

Given that Disney’s such a monolith Disney in 2020s pop culture, it can be weird to remember that the studio was founded in the 1920s. The Disney Showcase Collection’s Art Deco series takes this to heart with throwback interpretations of the company’s characters. The Art Deco Snow White is a particularly fun example, interpreting the teen royal as a chipper and dapper flapper girl. Her hair was already a bob, wasn’t it? Just check out those patterns on her dress and tell us you don’t love the look.

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