5 Fun Disney Adult Clothing & Gifts for Dads

Disney may seem like it’s only for children, but they’ve always made entertainment for all ages. Sure, some of their movies and shows are definitely more toddler-oriented than others. But anyone from the ages of 1 to 123 can enjoy their best work.

Similarly, Disney offers plenty of goodies designed for the young at heart. With Father’s Day around the corner, Mouse House merchandise outlets can be an unlikely place to find a satisfying and unexpected gift. If you need a last-minute gift that will still put a smile on your dad’s face, this list can help out.

Temple of Doom Pullover Sweatshirt

Few stereotypically “dad” movies are as fun to watch as the Indiana Jones films. The second one, Temple of Doom, may be the most underrated in the series. So it’s nice to see the Temple of Doom Pullover Sweatshirt, which features screen art of the film’s evocative original poster. You can normally only find it outside the Indiana Jones-themed attractions at Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. However, we snatched a few of these treasures for our own store.

Goofy Movie Powerline Men’s Shirt

Can you believe that A Goofy Movie is 26 years old? Disney’s beloved father-and-son adventure is old enough to be a dad itself, and so are the kids who grew up with it. If you know any young men who view it as a nostalgic fave, the Goofy Movie Powerline Men’s Shirt might be up their alley. It depicts a totally ‘90s rendering of Powerline, the coolest cartoon rock star — a perfect gift for the coolest dad.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Sleeveless Shirt

A Nightmare Before Christmas is already a messed-up blend of Yuletide and Halloween, so why not mix it with another holiday? The Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Sleeveless Shirt is perfect for dads who like to flex but can also appreciate an animated musical. The King of Halloween himself lends his spooky visage and chaotic energy to the tank top, manifesting in moody puff ink. It’s great for gym bros and goth shut-ins alike.

Genie Two Wishes Adult Tee

The Genie Two Wishes Adult Tee represents an essential aspect of fatherhood that we haven’t yet discussed: the dad joke. It shows the Genie of the Lamp from Aladdin popping out of the magic lamp and posing. The text reads, “I am here! What are your other two wishes?” No father has ever passed by this shirt at The Disney Store without remarking on how funny it is. It really doesn’t get more “dad” than this one.

Simba and Mufasa Father’s Day 2013 Pin

Clothes aren’t the only gifts that dads would appreciate. Cuff links, coffee mugs, ties, and watches are other stereotypical presents for Father’s Day. You can find plenty of those throughout our store, but for our list’s last entry, we want to highlight a pin. The Simba and Mufasa Father’s Day 2013 Pin is great for pin-collecting parents who’ll appreciate the rarity. It’s also ideal for those father-child relationships based in part on a shared sick sense of humor.

Father’s Day-Appropriate Adult Clothing at Your WDW Store

Disney is as dad-friendly as it is kid-friendly. The five items discussed here should prove that. If you need more proof, check out the rest of the Your WDW Store catalogue, which is chock-full of potentially great Disney-themed Father’s Day gifts. You can find plenty of adult clothing and other kinds of gifts for all the fathers and father figures in your life right here.