5 Personalized Disney Phone Cases for Fans

In a time when everyone has one of only two or three different kinds of cell phones, the personalized phone case remains a big deal. It’s a way to make your device immediately stand out in a crowd, which can be helpful in a pinch. Moreover, it’s a way to inject your personality into the phone in a way that everyone can see.

In our view, the only thing better than a personalized phone case is a personalized Disney phone case. It shouldn’t surprise you that they have merchandise for that, too. It also shouldn’t surprise you that many of the designs are smashing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Slide Puzzle Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is commonly known as the voice of reason, but anyone who’s seen Pinocchio knows he has his playful side. Maybe that’s why he adorns a very special kind of phone case. The Slide Puzzle Jiminy Cricket case, available for three iPhone models, comes with its own game. You rearrange the tiles, then slide one into the space that opens with each movement. Keep doing it until you see Jiminy’s smiling face, looking as he should.

Toad’s Taxi Service

Who’d be the worst Disney character to trust behind the wheel? Mr. Toad, from the studio’s adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, is a solid pick. Yet, his face adorns the Toad’s Taxi Service phone case, which you can attach to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Fans of classic Disney Parks rides and even more vintage animated films can advertise his “flat rates” and “wild rides.”

Grumpy Expressions

A whole series of personalized Disney phone cases features a specific character in several poses. Easily the funniest of the Expressions line is the Grumpy Expressions design. Like the rest of Snow White’s Dwarf companions, this ill-tempered fellow is named for his one constant emotional state. Rather than showing a blend of emotions, the case highlights six different expressions of, well, grumpiness.

Buzz and Woody Fireworks

The previous three entries are all based on animated features from Disney’s Golden Age. The Buzz and Woody Fireworks case combines two other common themes among Disney phone cases: Pixar and the Parks. In this vivid artwork, the Toy Story duo fly — pardon, “fall with style” — as Sid’s rocket bursts in a nightly fireworks display. Diehard fans will note the presence of the “Earful Tower,” the former icon of Hollywood Studios.

Luke and Leia Saber Cross

Star Wars fans will almost certainly recognize the art on the Luke and Leia Saber Cross phone case. It’s taken from the iconic poster that advertised the original movie way back in 1977. Sure, neither Luke nor Leia ever appear in those tattered and rather revealing outfits, nor does the lightsaber look like that. Still, the art is dazzling, and it captures the exciting spirit of the movie we now call A New Hope.

Personalized Disney Phone Cases at Your WDW Store

All these personalized Disney phone cases are on sale at Your WDW Store, along with over 300 others and more 100 products from Universal Studios. They are available in several different models, so you can find the right one for your own phone. On top of that, you can even get them customized with your first name.