5 of the Most Stylish Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks

Loungefly should be a familiar name for fans and collectors of Disney merchandise. They pump out backpacks based on Mouse House characters and icons. These aren’t just any old backpacks, but genuinely fashionable designer accessories. You can judge for yourself as we present some of our favorite Disney Loungefly mini backpacks.

Disney Princess Sidekicks Rose Checker

Disney Princesses get all the attention, but where would Cinderella be without her trusty mice companions? How far could Mulan have gone without Mushu and that lucky cricket? And didn’t we once argue that the true heroes of Sleeping Beauty are the Three Good Fairies? The Disney Princess Sidekicks Rose Checker mini backpack honors these minor characters for the comic relief and emotional support they provide. It even presents them in a pleasant white-and-pink checkerboard pattern.

Bambi Springtime Gingham

When the snow starts to melt and the birds start to sing, there is a Disney Loungefly mini backpack for that mood. The Bambi Springtime Gingham bag features Bambi, Thumper, and Flower romping in the seasonal spirit. Moreover, it also sports a gingham pattern of white and verdant green, with floral pink rounding out the lovely color scheme. This pack comes out in 2022, so preorder it now before it sells out.

Stitch Elvis

We can’t help falling in love with Stitch, whose presence in merchandise is still going strong 20 years on. The Stitch Elvis pack, portraying everyone’s favorite alien in his King of Rock ‘n Roll costume, shows just why. Despite everything, the little guy looks adorable in his white jumpsuit and jet-black pompadour. Loungefly mini backpacks also serve as great Disney pin accessories, making this pack an ideal place to display all your Stitch pins.

Pixar UP Balloon House

One of the most creative and brilliant designs among all Disney Loungefly mini backpacks is the Pixar UP Balloon House bag. From a distance, it doesn’t look like a bag at all. The mass of balloons covers the shoulder straps and everything else besides the grab handle. Carl’s house dangles from the backpack’s bottom, completing the illusion. The adventure continues when you open the zipper, revealing a delightful interior collage with the movie’s main characters.

Hocus Pocus Scene AOP

Every day can be Halloween if you have the right spirit. Walking around with the Hocus Pocus Scene AOP backpack (AOP stands for “all-over-print”) doesn’t hurt, either. This fun design depicts a bunch of scenes and settings from the beloved movie. As a bonus, Winifred, Mary, Sarah, and all your favorite Hocus Pocus characters are rendered in chibi form. Evil never looked so cute, and you can look cute wearing this gear at any time of the year.

Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks at Your WDW Store

We shared our admiration for Loungefly Disney accessories two years ago, but we barely gave examples of the gear we found so fashionable. Even now, these five represent a fraction of the many Disney Loungefly mini backpacks available at Your WDW Store. We invite you to explore our selection of high-quality bags and find one that fits your style.