5 Types of Fun Disney-Themed Car Accessories

The most important purpose that a car must fulfill is to transport its occupants from Point A to Point B. It should do this with optimal safety and efficiency. Of course, they do not need to be austere hunks of metal. Your personal vehicle can be an extension of yourself, and you can inject it with personality. That way, the journey can be far more pleasant, even when the destination is not.

You can find a variety of car accessories to decorate your vehicle. Plenty can even serve as useful tools that make driving easier, safer, and better. Here are a few that are worth checking out:


Keychains can be among the most useful items in your pocket. As the name indicates, they may serve as a convenient holder for all your keys: car, house, mailbox, diary, secret treasure chest, and more. Better yet, they can hold many other tools. Examples include key finders, USB drives, membership cards, tiny flashlights, and even bottle openers.

They’re great for accessorizing as well. Religious folks can attach charms and tokens. People can carry small toys on chains as they please. As for Disney fans, the Mouse House offers plenty of goodies that fit onto a keychain.

Antenna Toppers

Despite what your parents may have told you, antenna toppers do not serve any practical purpose. They do not have to be useful, either. These decorations are a fun way to distinguish your car from others on the road or in the parking lot.

Most modern cars use “shark fin” antenna or satellite radio. If yours is old enough to still have a stick of metal, sticking a cute or silly topper can be both whimsical and a flex. Using antenna toppers with your favorite Disney characters is even more fun.

License Plates

Federal law requires every car to feature a license plate with its own unique alphanumeric combination. It’s one way for people to identify the car and connect it to you. Most dealers make them for you when you get a car, and the DMV can supply more.

Thankfully, we’re not necessarily stuck with whatever plate they give us. Vehicle owners with an individualist streak may pick and install their own, as long as it bears the plate number and keeps it visible. Disney offers their own plates with lovely art and familiar faces.

Window Clings and Decals

Have you ever seen art of little cartoon families on the back window of a car? These are the most famous examples of window clings, stickers that you can place on the outside or inside of a car window. They adhere to the glass and can be tough to pull off, but they sure look cute.

Window clings are usually limited to silhouettes and icons. Decals, on the other hand, feature printed artwork with more color and complexity. Either one can be fun, especially with the inclusion of Disney characters and symbols.


“Magnets” refers to decorations that are basically the same concept as window clings. They’re different in that they come with magnetic backing, which sticks to metal. As a result, people place them on the car’s metal parts, rather than on the glass.

Yet another way that they differ from window clings: less commitment. Magnets are easier to transfer from one part of the car to another, or from one car to another. That is why Disney gives special magnets to Disney Parks Passholders. You don’t need to be one, though, to enjoy other magnets they sell.

Car Accessories at Your WDW Store

Your WDW Store offers a wide array of car accessories themed to Disney and its characters. Some are even theme park exclusives or limited-run specials from events long past. Whether you’re looking for rare collectibles, useful tools, or fun decorations, you can find it here with a delightful theme.