Cleaning Silk Ties: Advice for Proper Stain Removal

6 Tips for Safely Cleaning Silk Ties


Silk is among the finest materials from which one can make clothing and accessories, including ties. We don’t mean fine as in nice-looking or high-quality, though both descriptors also apply. We mean that it is extremely delicate. If you get any stains on it, cleaning methods that work on other clothes could ruin the material for all time.

That’s not to say that you should throw out your silk ties if a drop of spaghetti sauce lands on them. There are ways to salvage the tie without harming the silk, and we’ll give you some tips in this blog post.

Don’t Wait

If you stain your tie while you’re out of the house, you shouldn’t wait until the event’s over. Hesitate too long and the spot will set in, making removal much harder or even impossible. Try to take care of it right away. When you choose to wear a silk tie, make sure to tote a cleaning tool in your back pocket just in case.

Don’t Use Machines

Your first impulse for a stained tie might be the same as for any stained piece of clothing: stick it in the washer. That won’t work for something as sensitive as silk. That machine — and the dryer, too — would batter it out of shape. You’ll have to take care of it yourself. Alternatively, you could take it to a dry-cleaning service.

Avoid Water

Please note that “take care of it yourself” does not mean “wash it by hand.” Excess water compromises the integrity of silk ties. The best liquid for cleaning purposes is club soda — which is especially good for water-based stains. Even then, you do not pour it on the tie, but rather dip a cotton ball in it and then dab at the spot.

Blotting is Everything

Rubbing and scrubbing silk ties will only cause the stain to spread. The better approach would be blotting, which means applying a dry cloth or napkin with a light touch. Whatever you use will absorb the excess wine, grease, oil, coffee, or ink. This will leave you with less goop that needs to be removed.

Use the Right Treatment

After you take care of the surplus fluids, it’s time for the deep-cleaning. Most stains, including ink, only need some rubbing alcohol. Tougher taints, like oil and grease, come off best when covered in cornstarch for half a day. If your tie suffers a spill of red wine, a few hours under a salt pile should suffice.

Invest in a Stain Remover

You’ve probably used Tide Sticks and similar products to spot-clean clothes in the past. The bad news is that most of these tools aren’t compatible with silk ties. The good news is that you can order some that are designed for this material. Keep it in your pocket when you go out. When you need it, remember: blot, don’t rub.

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