Walt Disney is a revered name by many. He's the person who brought so many of our favorite characters to life, or facilitated their creation. The world of animation and cartoons would never have been the same without his hard work and influence in the field. 

Walter Elias Disney, also known as Walt Disney, was born on December the 5th 1901 in Hermosa, Illinois. Walt Disney Productions, which he co-founded with his brother Roy, became of the most famous and popular motion-picture production companies globally. 

Walt Disney was not only a talented businessman, but he was also an innovative innovative animator. He created the world renowned cartoon character Mickey Mouse, won 22 Academy Awards while he was still alive, and founded the popular theme parks Walt Disney World and Disneyland. 

Walt Disney will forever be ingrained in history as a man who changed the face of cartoon animation, bringing imagination to life in ways previously not experienced by the masses. We will forever owe him a great debt of gratitude for his contributions.