It is already time to be thinking about back to school.

We know - where did the time go? Did you get your trip to a Disney park in this year? While many of us never wanted to grow up, we all know that we do, and we have to move on to bigger and better things in order for our wishes and dreams to come true. 

And part of that progress and growth comes with another year of education. And to get ready for that new year, this is the time to get your list of supplies and set your budget - and try to tune out the cries for what your kids really want in place of what they need. 

Here are some quick tips to help make back-to-school shopping easier this year:

  • Child engagement. When you are making your list of supplies to buy, sit down with your child and go over the list - this teaches the skill or organization.
  • Teach priorities. The list will have generic basic supplies on it, and this is a good time to discuss how a pencil sharpener that costs 50 cents is a need, but a Tinker Bell pencil sharpener that costs $2 is not a need but a want. If the budget allows for the Tinker Bell sharpener later, you can discuss that.  
  • Revisit last year. Do you know of some supplies that you bought last year that were not used? Consider using them this year, and then only buy supplemental supplies on top. For example, if you had a ream of loose leaf paper last year but your child only used 200 sheets, you might not need to put paper on the list this year. 
  • Bulk up. Whenever you can, buy basic supplies in large quantities, such as paper and pencils. Or you could develop a co-op with other parents and get a group discount at an office-supply store and divvy the supplies accordingly.
  • Keep your list handy. Even if you're not specifically shopping for supplies, having your list with you will have you prepared just in case an item happens to be on sale while you are running other errands. Sometimes the best deals come when you're not actually looking for them.

While you're here, check out Disney school supplies and start the kids' school year off with a sprinkle of magic to inspire learning.