Back to School Supplies

Summer is slipping away, and kids everywhere are on their way back to school. Some kids are really excited, but others don't look forward to it much. Either way, we have plenty of Disney school supplies to get the next year off to a great (and fun) start!

Get the school supplies you need to start the kids' school year off with a little dash of magic.


Can you think of a better way to write down homework assignments than in a Disney notebook? We have quite a few in our Disney Stationery section! You can also find pens, postcards, journals, and more exclusive items from Walt Disney World. Be sure to take a look.

Backpacks, Bags & Totes

Everyone knows you need to bring a bag to school. Some kids prefer the classic backpack, while others are more comfortable with the messenger bag style. You can find both (and more) in our Disney Bags, Purses, and Totes section, just waiting to be filled with books!


Speaking of books, we have quite a few Disney books for kids and adults, including art books, cookbooks, informational books, and more. Disney books are a great way to stir the imagination, and these come straight from Walt Disney World, so they're extra special.

Disney Pins

Kids love to collect and personalize their things, and pins have been a popular way to decorate clothes and backpacks for generations. Your WDW Store carries a huge selection of Disney pins exclusively from Walt Disney World. These very special pins are a lot of fun and kids will have a blast wearing them and trading them with friends. Most are limited edition, making them highly sought after!

Just because school is starting doesn't mean kids have to give up on the magic of summer. With Disney school supplies, the fun can last all year!