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We test all items that require batteries, within reason, when we receive them from the parks/manufacturer.***
Because batteries do run down over time, even without an item being used, you may have to replace batteries in items when they are delivered.
While we do not guarantee that you will have to replace the batteries, we absolutely do not guarantee that the batteries inside any object we sell, will still work, or be charged to any extent.
  • We do not open items to replace batteries before we ship them. If we open and/or inspect an item for any reason, we may check for batteries, and/or corrosion, and if the batteries are corroded, we will remove them from the packaging and dispose of them, prior to shipment.
  • We do not alter items before shipping, this includes intentionally opening items, unscrewing battery covers, or replacing batteries.
  • Some items we sell are over 20 years old. Our customers should not expect that batteries that were put into an item by the manufacturer, years prior, will still be fresh or fully charged.
  • Some snowglobes will have batteries included in the styrofoam. You should assume that any batteries inside of the packaging or styrofoam, will not work, and should be replaced.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the items description, all items that light-up, make music, or involve batteries for standard operation, will require those batteries to be furnished by the recipient (customer), at time of delivery.
  • We do not provide free battery replacement.
*** We will not open sealed watches, electronic components, cell phone accessories. or any other sealed item, where battery insertion or replacement should only be done by a licensed professional.
We will not open battery compartments that are closed by a screw or other type of locking mechanism. This includes bubble wands, keychains, drink cubes, sipping straws, popcorn buckets, or other similar items.