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We strive to be the best in our industry, and we do that by providing the very best service, professionalism, and NO-NONSENSE ATTITUDE.
We believe that a business should earn it's profit by doing their job, and not giving away merchandise, or catering to the scammers in the world.
For every business out there that spends thousands, or millions of dollars on advertizing, Better Business Burea Accredation, fake reviews, and fake social media posts, we applaud you. You've given others a way to make money off of your hard work, and you've provided countless people a means to make a living by doing little else than gossip about you. Bravo.
We are not BBB Acredited.
As of 2/8/2022, we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
We are a business. We conduct business. Yes, we make mistakes and in-so-far as the mistakes we make, we ALWAYS correct the mistakes we make.
The Better Business Bureau has no authority over our business, Please feel free to read the reviews, complaints, and responses listed on the BBB website. We actually respond to those because, as trivial as it may seem, the BBB does an Excellent job at actually monitoring the information provided, eliminating scammers and FAKE complaints, and they do a good job at keeping personal information private.
If you want a no-holds barred approach to business reviews where virtually anyone can say anything about anyone without fear of reprisal or contact by law enforcement, we recommend any other business review or grading site.
If you want to see what our website is like and you have doubts, the sure fire way to grade our performance is to buy something. Buy something small, and see how it goes. We don't make guarantees. We just do our job.