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Q: Is CDI Marketing, or Your WDW Store, BBB accredited?

A: No. We refuse to PAY for membership with the Better Business Bureau of America. If they want to rate our company, they should do so in an unbiased and fair way. We believe PAYING for membership skews the idea of fair and equal business, and we believe that paying members receive a higher grade, which is unethical and immoral.

Q: I thought the BBB could close a business if they don;t provide good services or products...

A: Unfortunately for most Americans, they have been lead to believe this ideal, which is completely untrue. The BBB of America has absolutely no authority over any other business in America. They are not a legal entity, they are not supported by the government or local municipalities, and they hold no authority over the daily operation or conduct of any business. The facts are clear. There are thousands of businesses listed on the BBB website that have an "F" rating. Many of them are some of the most successful businesses in America.

Q: If the BBB does not have any authority over other businesses, then why do they even exist?

A: It is our opinion that they, like any other business in America, exist to make money and provide jobs for their employees. They provide a rating system based on a secretive algorithmic equation that they do not divulge to the public. We ask ourselves the same question whenever this subject comes up. If the BBB does not provide higher grades for paying members, then why is their "algorithmic equation grading scale" so secretive. Well, just as the BBB does not have authority over any other company, no company has authority over the BBB either. They can say what they want, do what they want, accept payment from paying members and continue to provide grades to companies.

Q: The BBB sounds like a sham

A: Well, that is one perspective. Any company that provides a detailed "grading system" of other entities could be considered the same. The credit card industry provides a credit score based on information that, in our opinion, should not be divulged. Why are there three or more credit reporting agencies? Well, because there is a market for it. Why are there grading companies online for businesses? Because there is a market for it.

We are sorry if this information is upsetting in any way, but we are not in the business of sugar coating things. We are here to put a little pixie dust on things we think will fly...