Bring Magic to Your Yard with Disney Outdoor Décor

Spread a little magic around your yard.

There are so many wonderful ways you can bring the magic of Disney to your home, even outdoors. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home with a yard, there's always room for a Disney decoration or two — and if you own a larger-sized property, you can even decorate your whole yard Disney style and create a fun and beautiful garden.

At Your WDW Store, we have a huge collection of Disney outdoor décor with something for everyone, whether you have an acre of grassy lawn or even just a balcony! All our merchandise comes straight from Walt Disney World and the other Disney parks, too, so you're getting something truly special. Let's look at some of the fantastical ways you can Disney-fy your outdoor space!

Disney Wind Chimes & Sun Catchers

Wind chimes are one of the most classic ways to bring beauty to your home, and they can go almost anywhere — front porch, balcony, and anywhere else the wind will blow. This makes them one of our favorite outdoor décor items. And of course, they're not only lovely to look at, they play their peaceful song whenever the wind is right. Check out our Disney wind chimes

Disney sun catchers are also versatile and can go anywhere, and to really complement your wind chimes we recommend EyCatcher spinners. These stainless steel cutouts spin and rotate in the wind, giving them an animated appearance. We have a great selection of Disney spinners in numerous designs, including from the Flower and Garden festival.

Disney Windchimes Mickey & Pals Sun CatcherEyCatcher Spinners

Magical Garden Paths

If you have space in your yard, you can create a lovely Disney garden and even attract birds and animals! We have stepping stones and welcome rocks, colorful flower planters with aqua globes, garden statues, garden stakes, and more. Take a magical walk in the garden on a path of stepping stones and lit with a solar pathway or hanging lights. Top it off with Disney bird feeders and a birdbath to encourage your feathered friends to join you! We have regular bird feeders and hummingbird feeders too.

Dragon Garden StatueBird Feeder

Floral Murals

Use your creativity while you design and landscape your Disney garden. Take inspiration from your favorite gardens at Disney parks. You can create floral murals by planting different-colored flowers in careful patterns. You can also use borders and edging to create hidden Mickeys, just like Disney is known to do. You can even use native plants to attract local wildlife. The possibilities are endless! For a little extra magic, pick up a Walt Disney World parade cushion to sit or kneel on while you work.

Disney Door Hangers, Flags & More

We also have plenty of holiday-themed Disney outdoor décor as well, so you can customize your home and garden for Halloween, Christmas, and more. Yard flags and banners, door hangers, and porch greeters all bring that extra-special touch that shows everyone you're excited about the season — and that every season can be magical!

Check out our full collection of exclusive Disney outdoor décor and start thinking about how you'll enhance your own special outdoor space. You can also explore our range of Epcot Flower and Garden Festival souvenirs to bring some of the glory of the outdoors with you anywhere.