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We are the worlds largest Disney, Sea World, and Universal Orlando (both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure), Collectibles and Souvenirs dealer on the planet. As such, we take great pride in the items we sell, and the services we provide to our loyal customers. In conducting our business, we engage in some different activities and business practices than other companies. A few of, but not all, of these activities are listed below.

  • Price Tag Removal or Retention We try to remove the original price portion of price tags from each and every item we sell. This is due to the overwhelming idea that has taken over some individuals, that makes them think that if there is a price on an item, it is the only amount they should have ever paid for that item. We apologize, but a 50 cent pin from 1974 is worth $300.00, regardless of the original price tag. We do not honor original retail prices, or price tags, and will remove them if humanly possible without damaging the product. If the price tag cannot be removed, you, the customer are not entitled to the item at that price. Refunds or credits will not be issued. Arguments will not be entertained. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Price Tag Removal or Retention, Again. We remove all pricing from tags attached to items we sell, if possible. We will not apologise or make amends for removing pricing from items. If you wish to see the price you paid for an item, please look at your invoice or your screen during check out. That is the price you are paying. If you wish to know the original retail price, minus taxes, insurance, shipping or storage costs we may have incurred, please consult the original manufacturer. We will not honor or entertain arguments about price tags, price tag removal, or retention on items. If the original price tag or price is present on the item, we apologize that we may have missed it, or not been able to remove it safely. That is all.
  • If you wish to have pricing or price tags attached to the items you purchase, you are more than welcome to request such an action, but we do not guarantee such requests can or will be honored. If you cannot accept this, then you are encouraged to come visit the theme parks and purchase the items at your leisure and expense. We are not responsible for unsolicited or non-negotiated terms or requests from customers attached to order details or commentary.
  • If a pricing tag cannot be removed without damaging the product itself, such as with pins, pin box sets, pin Accessories, paper products, pin cards, paper picture frame backs, or wooden picture frame backs, the price on the pricing tag will be redacted and an inventory tag/sticker will be used to cover the pricing tag.
  • All items sold, are sold as consumer end items. We are not selling items that are Professionally Graded, inspected, guaranteed for mint or any other condition other than "new" meaning it has not been used. You may purchase items from us and pay to have then graded yourself, but do not expect or demand a specific grading or quality of packaging. We acknowledge that the intent and purpose of retail packaging is to protect the item itself against damage and to make it look appealing for items that, when taken out of the flashy packaging are no longer appealing to the eye. We are not selling the retail packaging, and make no guarantees to the quality of condition of such packaging. The same applies for plastic cases provided at the time of retail sale, to provide additional protection for the items we sell. We do not guarantee that packaging or the inside retail packaging, even when protected by an additional layer of protection. Additionally, we do not guarantee the condition of packaging materials, boxes we package items in, or the shipping label. All these things are external and not guaranteed in the condition of the items being sold.