Captain Hook

Disney Villain Spotlight: Captain Hook


In this edition of Your WDW Store's Disney Villain Spotlight, we're focusing on one of the most dreaded (and yet undeniably popular) pirates ever to sail the seas between here and Neverland. That's right: Captain Hook!

Captain Hook Captain Hook

As Peter Pan's archenemy, Captain James Hook constantly schemes to get revenge on the Boy Who Never Grows Up for having once cut off Hook's hand and fed it to a crocodile. That same crocodile now relentlessly pursues Hook, whose hand was apparently so delicious that the crocodile will do anything to finish the meal! Captain Hook runs into a similar problem later after being briefly swallowed by a giant octopus — it seems the animal kingdom finds him irresistibly tasty.

Tick-Tock the Crocodile 

Fortunately for Hook, he can tell when the crocodile is approaching because it once swallowed an alarm clock and the ticking noise alerts him to its presence. Unfortunately, however, this sends Hook into a panic and his efforts to get away from the tick-tock croc are hilarious.

Hook's Pirate Background

Despite being portrayed as a rather comical character, it's important to note that Hook is actually a very skilled pirate. He's extremely strong and an excellent captain and swordsman, and having a hook for a hand doesn't slow him down a bit. It's just that Peter Pan has him outclassed on so many levels (he can fly, after all!) that Hook often finds himself facing defeat. And of course, when the crocodile shows up, he goes all to pieces!

In the original Peter Pan plays and novels by J.M. Barrie, Hook is much scarier and more competent. When planning the 1953 Disney animated movie, Walt Disney decided to make him less threatening so his interactions with the crocodile would be funnier and more believable. Disney was also concerned that the original character was too frightening for younger children. Today most Disney fans feel there's a good balance to Hook's character, as he's quite entertaining while still believable as a seafaring menace.

Fan Collectibles

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