Children's Apparel at YourWDWStore!

Is your child a Disney lover? Most are! Is there a special young'un in your life whose day you want to brighten with a wonderful present? Check out our Children's Disney Apparel! We carry tons of shirts, hats, accessories, and more, and they all come straight from Walt Disney World!

Whether for school, play, sports, or more, Disney World-exclusive apparel will bring magic to a child's day. Boys and girls can both find all the popular characters, including their favorite heroes, princesses, and even villains like Darth Vader.

We also have clothing showing off favorite rides and attractions, like Haunted Mansion and Rivers of Light, the wondrous show at Disney's Animal Kingdom, a wonderful way to bring back amazing memories!

Your WDW Store has all kinds of Disney World-exclusive children's hats, shorts, skirts, and even tutus! We also have rain ponchos with Disney characters so your kids can enjoy the Disney magic, rain or shine. Some apparel is holiday-themed as well, for special days all year round! What a great way to celebrate!

Take a look through our Children's Apparel section and we are 100% sure you'll find the perfect gift for any Disney kid!