Trends in what kids like changes frequently, so it can be hard to keep up! But there are some things that are classic and things that all kids will love for a long time. Choose ornaments around these characters and themes so that your kids will enjoy decorating your home and so that they can enjoy the different ornaments all throughout the holiday season.

Disney Ornaments

Disney has been around for decades and everyone has several favorite Disney movies. You can find Disney Christmas ornaments for everyone in your family and use these to decorate your tree and other areas of your home. To make it special, allow each family member to pick out one or two Disney ornaments and let them hang them where they want to make Christmas extra special.

Animal Ornaments

All kids have a favorite animal or two and you can always find animal-related Christmas ornaments. Or, you can also make your own. Something as simple as allowing your kids to draw their favorite animals can be turned into an ornament. After they finish drawing and coloring, just cut it out for them, punch a hole into the top and string a piece of yarn through it. To preserve the ornament, you can have it laminated.

Homemade Ornaments

If you need some extra ornaments and want to spend some family time together, consider making some homemade ornaments. There are so many options and you can really do anything that you and your children enjoy. Head to a craft store and pick up things like Styrofoam balls, glitter, non-toxic paint, non-toxic glue, felt and Christmas-themed decorations. Simply put these together and help the kids place them on your tree or around your home so that they can add their own decorative touch.