Magic and Creativity Combine with Disney Arts and Crafts!


Feeling the need to exercise some artsy creativity? What could be more fun than combining your crafting interests with Disney! At Your WDW Store, we have tons of awesome Disney arts and crafts kits, supplies, and more.


Iron-on patches are a fun and easy way to start with crafting — just build up a collection and attach them to a jacket, backpack, tote bag or another item in any pattern you want! Cotton and denim are usually best for ironing on, but if you want to attach patches to a fabric that can't be ironed (please check first!), you can sew on the patch or use fabric glue.

Mickey Patch

Cross Stitch

Cross stitching is also a great craft to get into. Kits are available for all ages and skill levels and the end result is a beautiful project worth displaying on your wall. We have a great selection of exclusive Disney cross stitch kits, so take a look!

Disney Cross Stitch Kit


Ever wanted to make a Disney scrapbook? Or maybe add a Disney touch to a family photo album? Check out all our Disney scrapbooking supplies including albums, stickers, full kits, and more. Scrapbooking is yet another artsy hobby anyone can get into. It's an easy way to express your creativity, but be aware it can be addictive!

Scrapbooking 2018

Coloring Books

If you just want to relax and burn off some stress, might we suggest a Disney coloring book? We have lots! And the coloring books aren't just for kids anymore — in the past few years, adult coloring books have become very popular, filled with complex illustrations just waiting to be colored in. We have both kids' and adults' coloring books and plenty of accessories for keeping your colored pencils or markers in!

Disney Adult Coloring Book Disney Kids Coloring Books

Cake Decor

For our next crafting session, let's do something a little different and go to the kitchen. Cake decorating is a fascinating (and delicious) craft that takes some real creativity and skill! If you're into it, how about sweetening the deal with some Disney cake toppers? We have all different characters for you to recreate your favorite Disney scenes… on top of a cake, that is!

Mickey Cake Topper

Get creative!

Now, we bet you have plenty of ideas for bringing some Disney magic into your next crafting project. Browse at Your WDW Store and you'll find some real treasures — Disney arts and crafts supplies exclusive to Walt Disney World. Enjoy!