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Thank you for reading up on our terms and conditions, specifically in reference to the Disney Design-A-Tee T-shirts we offer for sale on our website! These awesome Character shirts come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shirt designs, and allow a lot of personalization. So here, we are going to outline everything we can so that you will know what is, and isn't allowed, and what we can offer to make your selection truly magical!

First, how the shirts are made. Disney Design-A-Tee shirts are a special deal between HANES and DISNEY. Both Giants in their fields, and both totally awesome. So these shirts are totally awesome too! Each shirt is a HANES BEEFY-T Brand, T-shirt, which are nice and soft and really durable. High Quality stuff. And each shirt comes with a draw string bag. We do not get to select the colors. It's whatever they have on hand at the time we pick up the shirts. Sorry. Okay, back to the shirts.

Currently Design-A-Tee offers the shirts in 4 Categories; Adult, Kids, Toddler, and Infant.
From there, they break down the Adults; Adult Unisex Short Sleeve, Adult Unisex Long Sleeve, Adult Ladies Fitted.
And they break down the Kids; Kids Short Sleeve, Kids Long Sleeve.
Both the Toddler and Infant have no other categorization.
Also, as you might imagine, each different design shirt, has it's own sizing, it's own color arrays, and their own pricing. Because of this, you may find the same shirt listed SEVEN TIMES on our website. Well, until web giants like Google and... well... Google, decide to change the way their search results are done, for now, we have to do it this way.

Oh BOY! Okay, here is another Biggie. Certain SIZES of shirts, come in a very LIMITED number of colors. And unless we want to make another three listings per shirt because of the color restriction (which we do not) we put the color limitations in the size selection. When it says; 3XL (XXXL) 48-50" (Lt. Steel-Black-Navy-Orange-White ONLY) that means that if a 3XL size shirt is selected, it only comes in one of those 5 colors. You can select whatever color your heart desires in the "Shirt color choice" section, but it isn't going to happen unless it's one of those colors mentioned in the size section. 4XL and 5XL shirts are only made in Light Steel - which is a light Grey color. Needless to say, if you pick a 3XL, 4XL, or 5XL shirt, and you picked a color that they don't have, we will call you to ask for a color change.


The shirts have the ability to add one line of TEXT above the Main Design, and three lines of TEXT below the Main Design. So it will look like this;

Text Line 1 -------------> I'm AweMouse! (or something else)
MAIN PICTURE ------------> (whatever the shirt design is)
Text Line 2 -------------> You can put a name here!
Text Line 3 -------------> You could put a date or something else here.
Text Line 4 -------------> Your could put the Walt Disney World logo writing here, or something else.

Okay, so just to review, you've got four lines available to work with. One above, and three below the design. In those four lines, you can put a name, a date, you can put the Walt Disney World Logo writing in there, or a special message or quote for someone. The shirts are very nice and a lot of people get them for the following reasons; RETIREMENT - A name, and a date, and the logo wording is nice. BIRTHDAYS - Name and date, and "Happy Birthday!" WEDDINGS! People love to get engagement shirts, wedding shirts, bachelor and bachelorette shirts, with the date of the wedding, and honeymoon shirts too. Make em cool people, make em cool. Christmas and Holidays are a big one too. Festive holidays shirts for everyone with their names on them, are sweet.

Okay... now that I said how cool these are, here's the slight damper to the fun. Be sure to read it all, cause I want people to know what they can and cannot do with these.
  1. Okay, to start off with, these terms and conditions are not all inclusive. Disney changes their rules from day to day, with and without notice, so we need to be flexible, and be allowed to inform customers of changes that may have happened after they purchased their item, but before we could get their item made. Therefore, we must adopt the same rules as well. We reserve the right to change, modify remove or add to these terms and conditions, at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all.
  2. Shirt Personalization; These shirts are custom made Disney Design-A-Tee shirts, and are considered personalized, even if you don't put a name, date, or phrase on them. Suffice to say, you ordering an Extra Small lime green princess shirt that says MAXIMUS on it, will not sell very well if returned. So that's not allowed. You can order what you want, you just can't return it, which leads to number three!
  3. There are no cancellations, refunds, returns, modifications, removals from your order, or exchanges, for Disney Design-A-Tee shirts, or any other custom or personalized item. And then let me put in the loop hole here. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to Cancel, refund, modify, or remove from your order, any personalized or custom made item that we cannot have produced, or cannot modify to meet your allowable expectations. What does that mean? It means, if You order that shirt I just spoke about, the lime green XS shirt, and instead of princesses, it happens to have a horse from Disney's Tangled on it, then we might not be able to have it made. If that ends up being the case, we will contact you and see if you want us to change it, or cancel it. We have no other option.
  4. Okay, lets get into the Nitty Gritty. What's allowed and what isn't. The first category is NAMES. You might have a few, but Disney will only allow Design-A-Tee to put ONE on a shirt. No first AND last name combos. No claiming the second word is a middle name. None of that. If you have a first name that is two words, like "Mary-Kate" you need to have the dash in there. No dash, no name, they won't allow it. Next, no Slang words, no Nicknames, No made up names. Sorry, currently, the only alphabet of characters they have are English. no foreign letters, characters, numbers or symbols. No abbreviations. No suffixes, no prefixes. You might be a doctor, a dentist, a Senior, Junior, or the Pope, which is fine, but you can't put it on a Disney shirt. Hmmm, that's not exactly worded right. DISNEY won't allow Design-A-Tee to put it on a shirt with their character on it. You can do whatever you want, to the shirt, once you receive it, and own it.
  5. Okay, this one is for DATES. Disney doesn't like date ranges. Why? well, we can always speculate, but we'd rather be happy and abide by the rules. Disney said no, so it's a no-go. You can put a date on your shirt, but not two. No date ranges.
  6. Next is song lyrics, famous quotes, and anything else they can think of. Not allowed. Why? Again, we don't speculate. We've found that arguing with cast members about rules they have no control over does us no good. You are more than welcome to try, but at this time, the rules are what they are.

That's all I have for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us, and above all, be happy and I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.