Everyone in the family has the Disney bug! Just take a look around the home: Cinderella figurines gathered together in the bookcases, Seaworld beach towels hanging in the bathroom just beside a candle sitting atop a Beauty and the Beast - Be Our Guest gargoyle candle holder.  
In the kitchen, pink and blue Disney Light-up tumblers wait expectantly for some thirsty children to come home from school, just next to the set of Storybook Attractions coffee mugs for Mom and Dad’s coffee or some chilly morning hot cocoa...Memorable artwork held nicely in place on the refrigerator by a complete collection of Disney Princess magnets...and in the cupboard, Disney Holiday plates are stacked and ready to go for the next big family feast.  Disney character figurines line the shelves...
In the bedroom drawers are filled with tees, sweats, shirts and accessories sporting favorite Disney characters and places...on Brother’s bed sits a Frankenweenie pillow, just next to the one of Jack Skellington.  Sister’s bed is adorned with an “It’s a Small World” blanket, and Lilo and Stitch pillows, and atop her dresser sits a lovely grouping of family vacation pics, framed in a collection of Sea World frames.
And in the car, a Chef Chauncey Bobblehead figurine is seated proudly on the dash, pointing the way.  On the car antenna sits an ever-watchful Mike’s eye topper from Monsters Inc.  The front plate bears the family keepsake license plate from Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.  And from the rearview mirror hang a pair of black Mickey Mouse fuzzy dice.
Mom and Dad have Disney iPod covers and laptop sleeves, and...I could go on...but the point is, there’s something “Disney” at home for everyone...everyone that is, except for Fido.  How could Fido be left out when Disney carries a fun array of pet products to suit every pet personality?
To start, Fido can have his name and “return to” info inscribed on a specially engraved ID tag.  There is a huge choice of themes such as Sea World, PIxar Cars, Cinderella, Rapunzel and much more.  Choose from a classic matching Mickey leash and collar set, or go funky with a Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Skulls’ design!
What pet wouldn’t be proud to parade down the sidewalk wearing a Disney pet shirt in pink?  And at the park, give a toss of a Minnie squeak toy for Fido to fetch for bit of fun play.  There’s just no reason for anyone in the family to miss out on the Disney fun!