DISNEY ITEM MYSTERY BOX - Spooky Spectacular Halloween Mystery Box

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DISNEY ITEM MYSTERY BOX - Spooky Spectacular Halloween Mystery Box

Tired of the same old stuff? Looking for something new and exciting? Well look no further! We've got the PERFECT MYSTERY BOX for you!
Now, you might ask, how do we know, that this Mystery Box, is perfect for you? Well, it's simple really.

Are you looking for, or are you a big fan of, mystery boxes where you never know what you're going to get?
Do you love Disney Holidays, Disney decorations, and have a general love for all things Disney?
Do you like excitement, the unknown, and getting your money's worth?
Well, see! There you have it! If you answered yes, or no, to any of those questions, then you have your answer.
The real test to see if this mystery box is for you, is this; Are you going to buy it? Simple. If you're going to buy it, then it is definitely the perfect mystery box for you.
Here's all the specifics, because you can't just sink your money into a mystery box if you're not going to have SOME guarantees!
  • Each Mystery Box comes filled with Authentic Original Disney Merchandise!***
  • Each Mystery Box comes in a custom designer container, bucket, pail, bag, or other container to hold all your stuff!
  • Each Mystery Box comes with a variety of different items. We try to make each box contain at least 5 items minimum, and at most ten items.
  • Each Mystery Box will contain MORE VALUE than the items list price. YES, you read that right. For example, if you buy a $99.99 Mystery Box, you will receive AT LEAST $99.99 in retail value of items in that box!
  • Now... a lot of people are probably asking themselves, with all the subscription boxes and mystery super loot boxes, and crates O' wonder, why are we doing this? Well, one reason is customer request. We already sell mystery bags, and they fly off the shelves constantly. We sell designer mystery bags, also very popular. But some people want what they want, and they want Halloween, or Christmas, or Harry Potter, or whatever it may be. The point is, we're doing this because you asked for it. Apparently we're doing something right, and we find this a lot of fun, so we're doing it.
  • Lastly, that little *** up above means there is a disclaimer, and here it is. Everything we put in the mystery box, has value, and meaning. If we put a Disney piggy bank in the box, and we include a U.S. Quarter, or a dollar bill inside the bank, obviously that did not come from Disney. If we put Halloween Candy in a mystery box, it probably doesn't come from Disney, unless it did while we were trick or treating! So, withstanding a few different incidentals, and some of the mystery box designs, some items you receive in your package will not be from Disney, AND are not included in the accumulated value of the items in your Mystery Box.
  • Yup. That's right. Any Disney bags, boxes, custom designed packaging, wrapping, padding, crinkle cut grass, etc. is all provided free of charge in this Mystery Box.
Without going too much into detail, here is a quick description of what you should expect when you get your Mystery Box.
  1. This is a Disney Halloween Mystery Box. So you should expect to receive a box with a bunch of great DISNEY items in it, and a MAJORITY of those items should be Halloween Themed. We'd love to guarantee everything will be Halloween themed, but some interpret that differently as others. Pumpkins and Trick or Treat, or items that say Halloween are a surefire bet for us, but Pirates and skeletons, and ghosts, and other spooky things, some may not attribute to Halloween.
  2. We will try to protect each item we send. This includes boxing breakable items, wrapping glass, padding the box, and generally making sure you have an awesome Mystery Box. If we feel the actual display box will be damaged in transit, we may send it to you flat. So we will say this now: Some assembly and unwrapping of products may be required.
  3. You will receive a mix of Disney collectibles, souvenirs, apparel, snacks, or other items, based on the value of the Mystery Box you purchased.
  4. This is a TRUE MYSTERY BOX. You cannot customize it. Sorry.
  5. Each Mystery Box is intended for ONE PERSON. If you need to buy for two people, we suggest you buy two mystery boxes.
  6. Please Note: Due to item Size and Value requirements, not everything we send for each Mystery box will actually fit IN THE BOX. Our Mystery Box runeth over - sometimes.
Well, that's it! We let our Mystery Boxes speak for themselves! We're not adding anything extra. No free raffle entries, no box of the month club membership, no greeting cards... Sorry. No monthly prize drawing entries, no personal shopping discounts (uh, that's exactly what you get already when you spend $100.00 and you get $100.00 worth, there's NO Shoppers charge!) No AAA membership, no book club membership. You get the idea. You get what you pay for, and YES, there's S&H. We estimate the box weight to be 4 pounds or less. We ship from Davenport Florida. There is a $4.00 handling fee to help pay for admin charges and the guys who are wrapping and packing your Mystery Boxes. People gotta eat and Pixie Dust may taste great, but it isn't very filling.

Alright! If there's anything else, you let us know! This product was created at the request and behest of our customers, and here it is!
Please Note: All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, design, release dates, edition sizes and prices.
This is a Your WDW Store exclusive item and cannot be found anywhere else.

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