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Receive a free Souvenir Button when you place an order of $25 or more with our site.
- Free Birthday Button - Promo Code "FBBDay"
- Free I'm Celebrating Button - Promo Code "FBCelebrate"
- Free 1st Visit Button - Promo Code "FBVisit"

To get this free item, simply add the promo code into the "Apply Coupon/Gift Certificate" in Step 1 of checkout.

For a limited time;

If you find a lower price from a Disney Personal Shopper for any item that is currently readily available in the theme parks, we will match their price.*  

*We will need the information for that shopper so we can verify the pricing. It must be their normal stated shopping price and not "I want to get rid it because I cannot pay my bills" price. This means that if their normal shoppers' fee is retail, plus tax, plus 20% but today they have some they need to dump (or a "Wacky Wednesday" sale for example) or they are selling it at or below retail we may not match that "sale" price. It is always worth asking.