The Magic of Reading 

Some kids and adults just don't like reading. But maybe they aren't reading the right things! Sometimes a book is just too advanced for the person's reading level, and there's nothing to be ashamed of about that. Everyone learns at a different pace. Other times, the subject matter is uninteresting to the reader. If the person already has a hard time with reading, this just makes it worse!

Other people of all ages absolutely love reading. And it's true that reading can open up vast worlds of imagination for someone of any age. Reading can also teach you more about things you're interested in. If someone has thought of something, you can be sure there's a book about it somewhere out there.

Disney books are great for readers and non-readers alike! You or your kids can learn all about beloved characters, the history and science behind Disney theme parks, how to cook up some amazing dishes from the Food and Wine festival, and more. For readers, Disney books provide another way to experience something they enjoy. For non-readers, reading can become fun when it's about Disney, which makes it much easier to become a more skilled reader.

At Your WDW Store, we have over 50 Disney books and magazines for all ages about a variety of Disney-related topics! Many of our selection are also highly collectible because they come straight from Walt Disney World and aren't otherwise easy to get. We have Disney comics too, which are great for spurring an interest in reading as well as a love for art!

Speaking of art, we also have Disney art books featuring the breathtaking drawings behind favorite Disney movies like Frozen. Kids who want to learn to draw can start out with Disney Learn to Draw books, which offer instruction on how to draw all kinds of Disney and Pixar characters from Mickey and friends to the cast of Toy Story.

If you're looking for something fresh and imaginative, why not pick up a Disney book? There's something here for all ages, just like the true Disney spirit.