Disney Balzac Ball - 20 Inch - Princesses Princess

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Walt Disney World - Theme Park Exclusive

Disney BalzacBalls - Disney Balzac Balloon Ball Exclusive!


Make:The Balzac Balloon Ball has become a classic toy! Now in Exclusive DisneyCharacter Designs, available only inside Walt Disney World Theme Parks!Balzac balls are made of a special sturdy and durable inner balloon, whichis protected by a super strong and super durable cotton canvas jacket! Simply placethe balloon inside the jacket, blow it up, and it's ready for play! It's funfor kids of all ages! These patterned balls are lightweight for worry freeindoor play, and great for outdoor play! Bounce them on the ground, offalmost any surface, they even bounce on water!  Here are a few tricksfor a truly Awesome Balzac Experience.

1.) Levitating Ball trick. (Ball in Ball inBall) Place a small balloon, filled with a little water, inside the InnerBalzac balloon. Make sure it is tied off and can roll freely inside theInner balloon. Place the inner Balloon inside the outer cotton jacket, andInflate. Now use any air blower, fan, or even a Shop Vac Exhaust to create aStrong air current. Place the ball in the air current pathway and the ballwill float there for hours.  You can move the fan or air current andthe ball will move too. It's scientific, Bernoulli'sprinciple and aerodynamic lift, but itworks!    I can point my leaf blower over someone's head from4 feet away, and levitate a Balzac ball, directly over their head! This iswhat vendors do with the ball over the fan trick.

2.) Crazy Rolling Ball. (Sand Bag) Place a small balloonfilled with sand, or a sand bag or bean bag inside the Jacket, between theInner balloon and jacket. Inflate the Balloon and play. The added weight toone side will cause the ball to wobble, weave and change direction whenrolled on the ground or kicked.

Size;Variable Size. Balzac balls are available in a variety of sizes, rangingfrom 12 inches in Diameter (1 Foot) up to the Humongous 4 and a half footwide ball!!!  The Size and Design of the ball is listed below.

Design;Disney Balzac Ball - 20 inch Diameter - Large Disney Princesses, Princess Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine.

Please Note: All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, design, release dates, edition sizes and prices.
This item was created for and sold in the Disney World theme parks. Available here for a limited time.

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