Disney Balzac Ball Balloon Refill Pack - 24 to 36 Inch - 2 EA

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Disney Balzac Ball Balloon Refill Pack - 24 to 36 Inch - 2 EA
This is a picture of the old retail packaging. This packaging is not included in your purchase.
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ALLERGY WARNING. This product contains natural LATEX and talcum powder.
Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep un-inflated balloons away from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

You will receive TWO (2) Balloons which can be used to inflate a Disney Balzac Ball measuring up to 36" (INCHES) in Diameter.

  • Disney no longer sells Balzac Balls or refill balloons in their theme parks. Please note that the picture shown in this listing is not the retail packaging you will receive.
    The picture of the old retail packaging is posted so that those familiar with the older discontinued product and it's look from the past, can associate this new product with the old design.
    Other brands may sell balloons that may or may not be suitable for use in your Balzac Ball or toy. We sell a brand of balloon that is the exact same specification as the original Balzac Ball Refill Balloons.
  • You are purchasing two (2) balloons, specially formulated and produced to work with, not harm, and thereby extend the life of any Balzac Ball.
  • Soft and supple, this refill balloon will ensure many many hours of fun and enjoyment from your Disney Balzac Ball.
  • This balloon inflates to fill and support all Balzac Balls that measure greater than 24'' (inches), and up to 3' (feet) in Diameter.
  • UV and sunlight resistant. (This does not mean invulnerable. Latex products can degrade up to 40% from prolonged exposure to UV and Sunlight over time. Specific time frames of degradation are not known due to varying weather and exposure conditions. To extend the shelf life of your unused Balzac ball refill balloon, it should be stored in a dark dry cool area).
  • Imported
PLEASE NOTE! You are purchasing Balzac Ball refill BALLOONS ONLY. The retail packaging by Balzac shown in the picture, is not included in this purchase. Thank You.

More Fun Stuff and Facts;
  1. In an effort to keep balloons fun and keep our environment clean, we ask that everyone be responsible with their balloon refills and Balzac Balls.
  2. Never release balloons into the atmosphere (sky) where they might be eaten or interfere with aircraft.
  3. Never inhale helium gas.
  4. Always use a balloon pump with a slow and steady fill to inflate your balloons.
  5. Always secure helium-filled balloons with a weight.
  6. When you're done enjoying your balloons, cut the ends and one side, and properly dispose of them.
  7. Keep children safe when playing with balloons and dispose any deflated or popped balloons right away.
  8. 100% BIODEGRADEABLE; As a biodegradable and photodegradable product, used balloons can be cut, shredded, or ground up, and added to soil where microbes will eat the latex balloon fragments until they are gone.
Your WDW Store is not liable for balloons once they are shipped. We cannot guarantee your balloons will last once they have been delivered or picked up from our facility.
Environmental factors, including temperature, pressure, texture, ambient environmental conditions, children, pets, nails, and naturally occurring microscopic sharp edges such as twigs, spines, thorns, and foliage, can jeopardize the lifespan of a balloon.
Your WDW Store sells only the highest quality balloons made with premium material, however, some may pop or deflate sooner than anticipated.
All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, design, release dates, edition sizes and prices.
This item was created for and sold in the Disney World theme parks. Available here for a limited time.
Please Note: This item does not qualify for discount or promotion codes.
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