Disney Designer Keychain - Jack Skellington - Mr. Nice Face

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Disney Designer Keychain - Jack Skellington - Mr. Nice Face
Disney Designer Keychain - Jack Skellington - Mr. Nice Face
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You want style? You want functionality? Look no further than these super durable Keychains! Made from webbed nylon (the same stuff seat belts are made of) and steel, these keychains with keyrings included, are built to last for years!
Each Keychain comes as three parts.
  • The upper part is the belt or purse loop anchor, a thick strip of webbed nylon with two industrial steel snaps. This makes it easy to attach to any belt, belt toop, purse, lanyard, or anything else you can think of!
  • The middle is a fully functional mini seat belt buckle with the picture of your favorite Disney character emblazoned on the button.
  • The bottom part is a mini seat belt buckle clip made of thick sturdy steel with three square holes punched through. Attached to TWO of the holes are your first starter keyrings, free of charge.

Attaching and detaching your keys is now a breeze!
Please Note: All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, design, release dates, edition sizes and prices.
This licensed item is available here for a limited time.

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