Disney Designer Seatbelt Style Accessories

You might already know that you can find all kinds of fun and chic apparel themed to your favorite Disney characters. You might already have plenty of examples in your own wardrobe. However, did you know that the Mouse House also has its own line of accessories with a totally unique design based on seatbelts? You can extend your Disney love to your tops, bottoms, and everything in between thanks to the Disney Designer fashion line. Check out these examples of accessories you can try out today.

Seatbelt Belts

Belts can complete a look, but they don’t always stand out — and that’s usually by design. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you can personalize it with a unique design that not only means something but looks good while you’re wearing it. That’s where Disney Designer’s Seatbelt Belts come in. These stylish supports come in many different themes and colors, from your favorite movie scenes to vintage comic strips to quirky quotes.

There’s more to the idea behind these products than the artwork. They’re called seatbelt belts because rather than the standard prong and end tip combo, these are made with authentic buckles like the kind you see in cars (or rides at the Disney Parks!). This means that instead of fiddling around with getting the prong in and out of the holes, you just slide the belt into the buckle until you hear the click, then unbuckle with a single push of the button. It’s stylish, it’s convenient, it’s durable, and it’s Disney.


Taking inspiration from seatbelts when designing belts for pants seems like a no-brainer. Taking inspiration from seatbelts when designing keychains? That’s even more creative! Disney Designer keychains come in three pieces: a nylon strip that connects to your purse or belt, a clip that comes with two keyrings and room for one more, and a steel buckle in the middle that ties the whole thing together. All these parts are easy to detach and reattach for your convenience.

While every single Disney Designer keychain is like this, they stand out from each other by what familiar face adorns the buckle button. You can find ones with many of your favorite characters, from Dory to Sora to Jack Skellington. Keychains are a cute and charming way to express yourself, and who can you trust more to keep your keys in place than these Disney icons?

Pet Collars

You can even include your animal friends in the fun with Disney Designer pet collars. Like seemingly everything else in this line, these bands open and close with seatbelt-style buckles — with a loop for the leash, of course. No more fumbling around with regular belts, no more accidental tightening around your pets’ necks. Just snap it on and go for walkies. Once you find the one with your favorite characters (or your companion’s favorites, if they have any!) and figure out the size that best fits them, you’re set.

Disney Designer Merchandise

Your WDW Store has thousands and thousands of Disney gifts and goodies for sale. Naturally, we love Disney Designer, and we stock hundreds of products from this line because we know how many people love it too. Check out our selection of seatbelt belts, keychains, pet collars, and more on our online superstore.