Disney Ears and Other Character Headpieces

Many people enjoy wearing Disney-themed clothing, whether they are packing for a theme park visit or just feeling in the right mood. Shirts, pants, sweaters, and various attire of the Mouse House’s beloved characters can be found in many department stores and mall outlets. The reasons are clear: great iconography, clever designs, a sense of nostalgia or whimsy, and even a geeky sort of fun.

Of all the great Disney-themed clothing out there, one type is more iconic than all the others. Every entertainment brand offers tees and hoodies, but only this one has the Disney ears. Here is some more information on these trademark hats, as well as other great headwear from Disney.

Ears Hats

The most famous Disney ears are, of course, those of company mascot Mickey Mouse. The company offers hundreds of caps with the protruding circular ears. Many now feature designs based on other characters, films, shows, and theme park attractions. Some even drop the resemblance to Mickey altogether and are based on other iconic figures, like Donald and Goofy.

Disney ears are available for all occasions. There are plenty for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. There are hats for boys, girls, and everyone else. The old and the young can enjoy them. On the note of the young, there are even mouse ears specific to graduation, with a little cap on top.


Disney ears based on Minnie Mouse exist, of course, but Minnie ear headbands are widely popular. They all contain the world-famous mouse ears and her classic bow, but they are just as flexible in style as Mickey’s ears. One popular variant comes with a bridal veil, for newlyweds going on a Disney theme park honeymoon. Naturally, there is a similar item made for grooms.

As with the caps, Disney headbands are great for all occasions. However, they are preferable for exercise, particularly if you plan to run in a Disney-sponsored 5K or marathon. They also allow people to wear other headgear, with the headband planted on top. That is ideal for Halloween!

Other Hats

Naturally, Disney offers many other types of headgear as merchandise. With Disney-themed baseball caps and visors, your favorite characters help keep the sun out of your eyes. You can choose to keep it simple or get something really cool in your favorite style. Fedoras also have a brim, but they are definitely more about looking fancy.

We would be hard-pressed to give more than just an impression of the sheer variety of Mouse House headgear. Every event has its own special hat, if not a whole line of hats. Fans of Epcot’s “Around the World” can revel in their pastime by literally wearing a beer mug on their head. Na’vi headpieces, based on James Cameron’s Avatar, are available at Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom — as well as our online store.

Find Disney Ears and Other Headgear Today

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