Disney Themed Bathrooms

Every part of your house can be brightened up with some decorations. You can bet that the Walt Disney Company knows this, and they make sure their fans can deck out just about any room in their home with some Mouse House theming. You can also bet that this includes maybe the most functional room in any accommodation: the one with the commode. Here’s some information on the many delightful ways that you can create your very own Disney-themed bathroom.

Bath Towel Sets

Beach towels aren’t the only ones allowed to have colors and characters on them. Get out of a nice, soothing shower and get into a bath towel featuring Mickey Mouse icons, Disney Princesses, Olaf the Snowman, and more. Why dry yourself off with a plain and boring towel, when you can use one that looks like a souvenir from the Hollywood Tower Hotel?

Toothbrushes, Toothbrush Holders, and Cups

Brushing your teeth is a routine part of anyone’s day, and it can also give you a daily dose of Disney. Everything involved in this bathroom ritual — the brushes, the holders for the brushes, the covers for the teeth, and even the cups you use to rinse — can be Disneyfied if you’re a big enough fan.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains keep the water inside and keep you covered, but besides being functional, they can also be fun! Find curtains with your favorite Disney characters, from the sharks of Finding Nemo to Timon and Pumbaa to our favorite mermaid Ariel. These are great for kids — and, of course, the kids at heart.

Basin Soap

Basin stands out from soap companies by using all-natural glycerin for their products instead of synthetic propylene glycol. They’re also noticeable for partnering with Disney to give people high-quality and colorful soap based on their cartoon imagery. Fans of all ages can clean themselves with Basin soaps that resemble character-based cupcakes or Mickey ears.

Bath Bombs

Besides soap, Basin also provides Disney-themed takes on a trendier and more delightful item: the bath bomb! They come in the shapes of spheres and eggs, with the images of Mickey Mouse’s famous silhouette or a snowflake straight out of Frozen. Just plunk them into the bath and watch them dissolve into a spectacle of sparkling colors. Then, take a relaxing dip.


What better way to chill out while bathing than with candles surrounding you? It may be a little clichéd, but don’t knock it until you try it. If old friends from childhood also relax you, you can even arrange some Disney-themed candle holders around the tub. You could always reuse them elsewhere in your home, especially on holidays like Halloween.

Bath Toys

Disney primarily concentrates on children’s entertainment, and we all know what that means: children’s toys! And because kids love bringing their favorites into the tub, Disney offers toys specially designed for getting soaked. Their sets of bath toys, each themed to different movies and series, don’t require any batteries. Best of all, they’re soft and squeezable!

Shampoo, Body Wash, and More

When it comes down to actually washing yourself, Disney has you covered as well. They teamed up with H20+ to distribute that company’s innovative shampoos and body wash items, designed to hydrate and cool your skin. These amenities can be a boon to anyone who wishes their cleansers did more to actually cleanse them. Learn more about this fantastic skincare line!

Bath Décor and Other Merchandise

Normally, many of these bathing items and bathroom decorations can only be found at the Disney resorts. However, for those of you who want these items without having to trek all the way to a theme park, Your WDW Store has you covered. Our inventory includes all these products and more, so you can personalize your bathroom with Disney decorations.