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Most orders will usually ship within 7 business days or less, provided the product ordered is in stock, or on order from the main warehouse. If this is not quick enough for you, we do offer faster handling times for an additional charge. Please call us if this is needed. 1 (877) 296-8793

  • We are human beings, working in a world of reality. We are hand picking products from warehouses, and doing our best to ensure that every shipment is perfect before it is shipped. We take great care and pride in making sure that the first time we ship your product will be the only time we need to ship your product. With that being said, most orders ship out within 7 business days or less. Sometimes, your order may ship out the same day you place it. It happens a lot. This is not a guarantee. We hope you saw the words "most" and "usually". If you flip a coin and you fall into both of those categories, and it's a full moon on both sides of the sun, then you might be okay. Carry on.
  • For the rest of us, if you want us to expedite the shipment of your order (Yes - this means head of the line service) We offer 2 different expedited services, both at an additional charge. Yes, both options incur an additional charge. NO - this does not take place of your S&H, or shipping method. For more frequently asked questions, go to the bottom and read in reverse.
  • Rush Handling Guarantee times only apply if the item states that it is IN STOCK, and you are only purchasing ONE of that item. The simple reason is, we cannot produce items from thin air, and it is even more difficult to produce them from thick air. The system will tell you an item is in stock if we have 1 of that item in stock, but you may be able to order 500. If you order 500, and we only have 1, we have to obtain 499 more from the source. Basically, we cannot ship it, if we don;t have it, even if you pay to expedite the order. Reality trumps imaginary.
STANDARD HANDLING TIME (this means - how long it takes to process and ship your order - NOT how long it takes for delivery) is seven (7) business days. Not 77. Just Seven... usually.

RUSH HANDLING OPTION: Please Rush It : Guaranteed* 1-2 days
RUSH HANDLING OPTION: Wow - I need it shipped NOW : Guaranteed* 1 day

FAQ: How Do I add the rush handling option to my order?
A: Search for rush handling, and add the item to your order, OR, click one of the following links and add the item to your order.

FAQ: Does the Rush option mean I don;t have to pay for shipping?
A: NO. No means, YES - you have to pay for shipping also!

FAQ: If I select the One Day Rush, that means I'll get the item in one day, right?
A: NO. Our Teleportation device is currently not working, and we're having trouble locating an engineer who is familiar with Di-lithium crystal construction, and how it applies to altering the space time continuum. Since that stuff isn't working, you'll have to pay for shipping, and the delivery time is dependent on the Shipping method you select.

FAQ: I need my order TODAY. What do I do?
A: Provided that the item is in stock, you can pay for the One day rush handling, call our business and speak with customer service to expedite the order, AND come to our location and pick up your order in person. That is the only way.

If you have any other questions you'd like us to add to this growing list, please feel free to call and ask for our customer service personnel.

Just in case you were wondering: Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. It also does not include days we post that we will not be conducting business, such as during hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, the end of days, or Festivus day.

*Order and payment must be completed before 2:00 pm (Eastern Time). If item is not shipped within the guaranteed time the upgrade cost will be refunded. For all intents and purposes, generation of a tracking number and application of postage or label to the package is recognized as shipped, regardless of the time or date that the package is picked up or scanned by the transportation company as accepted.