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Domestic Shipping Charges;

  • Domestic Shipping charges apply to orders destined for the United States of America, ( this includes Alaska and Hawaii - yeah, really! ), Puerto Rico ( A U.S.A. Territory ), APO & FPO addresses ( military ), and the US Virgin Islands. It also includes all other places the U.S.A. has complete and total control over, like the moon, and the internet. - please note, we do not ship to the moon, or the internet. Sorry.
  • S&H is what it is. Shipping and Handling. It's not called RAW POSTAGE. If you think it's too much, give us a call, and we'll add the cost of the cheapest shipping method for each of your items to the items price, and then offer you free shipping. Simple!
  • We're not making life decisions for you. You get what you pay for. If you need help figuring out what shipping is, put an item in your cart and use the shipping calculator to find out what the system says your S&H will be.
  • S&H does not include insurance. It does not include customs or duties. It does not include taxes. It does not include your house payment, water bill, or kids college tuition. It does include postage, transportation costs, administrative costs, and more. For a complete breakdown of all the costs associated with S&H, please start a business, list all of your costs of doing business, divide that by the number of order you foresee you will have, and equally divide it by the span of the universe, divided by the material composition of dark matter.
  • Wondering why your S&H suddenly went up by a hundred dollars when you added one item? Well, that is because the shipping method you're looking at, and the shipping company who is sending those rates to us to display on the website, has probably added an "oversize" charge to your order. You can thank them directly by contacting your Post Master General. If you do not know what branch of the military to contact, it's the Judicial branch. Ask for Dave.
  • For information on FREE SHIPPING and all the fun it provides, please check the section on FREE SHIPPING. As of this date, the United States Postal Service does not provide free shipping, or free postage. Neither do we. You may find select items that have free shipping, but that is because the assumed average shipping cost is now added into the price of that item. Funny thing, that's what all companies do when they give you "free shipping". They aren't doing it out the kindness of their heart, and they're not getting free postage from the post office. You're paying for it one way or another. Sorry if this is a shock, or if it comes as a surprise. It's true. And... we've made it to the moon.