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We provide tracking numbers for every shipment.

  • We don't pre-print postage and then let your stuff sit in a warehouse for weeks while some mysterious entity is supposedly picking up your stuff. So lets be blunt about that, okay.
  • We put your order on a weight scale, measure it, and print the postage. The system spits out a label with a tracking number, and you get an email with that same tracking number. We don;t just make this stuff up. No, seriously.
  • If you don't get a tracking number, or a tracking number has not been assigned to your shipment, then it hasn't been shipped! That doesn't mean we guarantee you're going to get our emails. That simply means, you can call "BS" on other companies when they tell you they shipped something, but can't give you a tracking number.
  • If we send you a tracking number, and you check it, and the system says it doesn't exist, it's not because Big Gusty the Air Whale lost pressure and fell in the sea. It's because you're jumping the gun, and trying to track a package before the USPS tracking system can communicate with their tracking number generation system. If you don;t understand how that works, please google "I hate the USPS" or "How does the USPS keep running when their entire operation is still running DOS". You can also google "what is jumping the gun" if you wish.
  • This section only covers the generation of tracking, and all that stuff. It does not cover the issues with tracking, or how it applies to insurance claims, etc. For a load of all that fun, check the part about Insurance CLAIMS.