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We provide tracking numbers for every shipment we send.

  • We put tracking on every order for a variety of reasons.
      So we can show the package was shipped and delivered.
        So you can track it.
          To use as supporting proof if a package was not delivered, or delivered to the wrong address.
            So you can coordinate accepting your packages and bringing them inside as quickly as possible after delivery.
          1. When tracking shows delivery to the correct delivery area and/or zip code, we consider the package delivered. You may have been home all day, listening for the post person diligently, and insist that the item was never delivered. We use tracking for proof of delivery, and regardless of your personal or social interactions with your delivery person, if the tracking says it was delivered, then we consider it delivered as well.
          2. If the tracking shows that the package was miss routed, or miss-delivered, and you have not received it, you can file a claim with the carrier (USPS or Fed-Ex) for their error, or for non-delivery. You, the customer, are responsible for filing these claims. If you suspect that your package was delivered to an address other than your own, or has gone missing in transit, file a claim. If you need proof of value etc, let us know and we can send you a copy of it in an email.