Young girls are typically pretty easy to buy for, but you do want to find at least some gifts that will be loved and enjoyed for years to come.  With girls you can certainly be creative and there are so many options that lean more toward being sentimental and something that girls will have for years to come.  There are a few options that all girls will love and will cherish for years to come.


Collectible Dolls

Dolls are almost always a great gift option for young girls and there are so many choices.  There are dolls they can play with, ceramic dolls, dollhouse dolls and just about everything in between.  When it comes to collectible dolls, you will find that you can get dolls that are solely for display, as well as those that can be displayed and played with a bit.  Consider the age of the child and her preferences when choosing a type of collectible doll. 


Disney Figurines

Disney is classic and something that people have grown up with for generations.  You can choose things like figurines, ornaments or plush toys.  There are many other options too, so simply consider the child you are buying for and think about what she would most enjoy both now and in the future.


Piggy Banks

Piggy banks are cute and something that will easily be used for years and years.  Get one that is large enough to accommodate money for at least a few years and make sure that it is something that the little girl in your life will enjoy.  You can even have these custom made so that they are tailored specifically to her interests.  Or, you can find piggy banks that come in kits that allow her to design it herself.