Exclusive Magical Disney Costumes

There's nothing quite like dressing up in costume, and guess what? It's not just for kids! People of all ages love to dress up and portray their favorite characters, whether for Halloween, masquerade parties, conventions, or other events. At Your WDW Store, we have a variety of costumes exclusively from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and other parks.

All your favorite characters are included in our vast selection of exclusive costumes, with styles available for kids and adults.  We also have tons of Disney and Star Wars headbands and hats for all ages, and of course plenty of Mickey and Minnie ears.

Many of our costumes are themed clothing, like costume shirts and pants, which are a simple and comfortable way to get in character (and also easy to wear year-round just for fun!). For example, this Star Wars fighter pilot costume shirt for kids. Despite just being a t-shirt, it's quite detailed! Plus, we have lots available for children and adults covering all types of different characters. Check out our Disney Costume Shirts here! We also have accessories like wands, scepters, and Star Wars foam weapons like the Gaffi Stick (the staff Tusken Raiders carry) and the Gamorrean guard axe.

Little princesses will love our Disney Princess costumes! We have dresses and even Disney Princess wigs and Disney hair accessories to complete the look. If you're more in the mood for action heroes, dragons, monsters, or aliens, one of our favorite types of costume is the hoodie costume and we have hoodies for all these types of characters. Hoodie costumes are designed to look like the character and are complete with details like eyes, ears, and teeth are sewn onto the hood. For a great example, check out our awesome exclusive Stitch costume hoodie for kids (and yes, we have an adult-size Stitch hoodie too!) You can find the rest of our hoodie costumes here. Top them off with plush Disney character hands!

We also have costumes for the youngest of Disney fans, like this I Am Mickey Mouse baby bodysuit, and we even have costumes for your fur kids — that's right, Disney dog costumes so you can dress up your pup!

Check out our entire collection of exclusive costumes from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, and you just might find something you can love all year 'round — and something for the kids and the dog too!