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FREE SHIPPING is the cheapest shipping option for any customer to choose.

  • Remember: In most cases, you get what you pay for. This same rule applies to selecting free shipping as your shipping method.
  • Free shipping means, you don't have to pay to have that specific item shipped, and we get to pick how your item gets shipped. That's it.
  • You don't have to select free shipping if you don't want to. You can always choose to pay for shipping, and choose an alternate shipping method. This means BY NOT SELECTING FREE SHIPPING, YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW YOUR ITEM IS SHIPPED AND HANDLED.
  • If you do not select "free shipping" or that option is not available at the time of checkout, then your order will not receive free shipping.
  • Free shipping has no guaranteed delivery times, and no specifications.
  • If you'd like more information on free shipping, please google "what is free shipping"
  • Additional rules and specifications, including any not listed here, may apply.
  • We may change or modify these rules at any time, with or without notice, and enforce these rules on a case by case basis, including applying the rules retroactively in any manner we see fit.
  • Don't abuse the system. Don't email us asking how we will ship your item if you select free shipping; your email will go unanswered.
  • Free shipping is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors and mail-order catalogs as a sales strategy to attract customers. It is not in a customers best interest to select free shipping.
FAQ: Is it really free shipping?
A: Nope. This is online retail's dirty little secret. The money to ship your package has to come from SOMEWHERE. There is no omnipotent billionaire paying for your postage because they like your socks, or your hair style. It's a marketing ploy. A way to steal customers from other websites. Customers fall for it hook line and sinker. Why? Well, it's cheaper than paying for shipping, right? WRONG. At some point, someone is paying that money. It'll probably be you, during the holiday season, with huge markups on items you can't find anywhere else, or in the hassle and time consumed trying to find out where your package is, and asking yourself why it's taking 8 weeks to deliver your package. Well duh! You selected free shipping! The rabbit with your package strapped to his back is taking a break at the coffee shop while the turtle is out delivering packages.