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Want to ship to a friend or relative? Are you looking to send a real surprise birthday present or anniversary gift? Do you work and receive packages there because you're rarely home during the day? These scenarios and more, are reason why we accept FFPM's which allow you to have your order shipped anywhere (as permitted by law).
  • By using a "Fee-Free" payment method (FFPM), you grant yourself the ability to control the shipping, pick the carrier and the destination. You can arrange a pick up, drop off, have a friend pick up your order, or even send us a shipping label to have your order shipped how you want it shipped.
  • Currently, the FFPM's we accept are; Western Union ( www.westernunion.com ), Disney Gift Cards ( www.disneygiftcard.com ), Zelle ( www.Zellepay.com ), Cashapp ( cash.app ), and US Dollars CASH ( Dollars and coins ), and lastly, PayPal/Venmo Payments marked as sending funds to a friend or family ( www.paypal.com ). ADDITIONAL DETAILS BELOW
  • FFPM's allow the customer to select the shipping address during checkout, regardless of whatever your credit card's billing address is. Does this open you to fraud? No. If anything, it eliminates many possibilities for fraud to occur. We only send payment requests for orders / merchandise that is in stock and ready to ship, and paying with a FFPM will even allow you, the customer, to provide us with a shipping label and allow you to choose exactly how and who transports your order.

  1. Western Union Western Union (WU) is an excellent way for anyone around the world to make payment for items they purchase from our website. Western Union is a guaranteed payment method which allows the purchaser to make payment online and receive a MTCN (transaction number) which they then provide to the merchant (us), who then goes to a Western Union location to accept the payment. This payment method is valued by our business as we treat this like a CASH transaction. You can purchase from our website with confidence and without restriction, using Western Union to make payment. This also allows you to have your order shipped to whatever address you pay for it to be shipped to! When you pay with Western Union, you control the shipping.
  2. Disney Gift Card Disney Gift Card transactions should be considered a CASH payment form as well. Many retail sites, including Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, and more, offer significant discounts on purchasing Disney Gift Cards, both in store and online. By doing so, you can save money on your purchase of the gift card, and then use that gift card as payment for your order with us. Please note; We can only accept Disney Gift Cards by doing a balance transfer, and in order to do that, we must add your card to our account, to transfer the balance. DGC's cannot be linked to two accounts at the same time. Also, due to the unique processing method, paying with a DGC may result in an over or under payment. Overpayment amounts will be issued back to you as a store credit with our website. Underpayments will result in a balance due which can be funded by additional DGC payments, or payment via another form of payment, such as credit card or PayPal. PLEASE NOTE: If the intent of using a DGC is to have the order shipped to an address other than your credit card billing address, or PayPal address, you cannot use a credit card or PayPal to fund those additional amounts. It will have to be another FFPM.
  3. CASH USA Dollars CASH is king, so they say. If you wish to pay us in cash via some sort of certified method, please feel free to do so. We accept USA Dollars CASH, and US denomination coins, always.
  4. Cashapp Cashapp is a new and innovative way to send payments instantly. If you use Cashapp and want to send us a payment for an order, you can send the payment to $DoreyFarklePants PLEASE email us at [email protected] and let us know you have sent a payment to our Cashapp account so we can verify it and apply it to your order. Thank you.
  5. Zelle Zelle® is a great way to send money to friends and family. We also accept Zelle if you wish to make payment for an order. Our bank utilizes Zelle and many others do to. Please check out their website for details and if you want to make payment using Zelle, please use the following email address; [email protected] . It should identify as CDI Marketing, Jennifer and/or Kerry Williams.
  6. PayPal Yes, PayPal is on here as well, but only for a very specific way to make payment. Some people call it friends and family, others call it PayPal direct. We call it PayPal unrestricted. It's just like sending cash. If you send a payment to us and mark it as "sending to a friend" PayPal will not charge us a fee (not at this time anyway) and they also will not restrict us with reference to the shipping address. While we do not promote or advertise that we accept this form of payment, we do, because if you insist on paying this way for convenience, we will accept it, and you can have your order sent wherever you pay to have it shipped.