Fidget Spinners: the Fun Toy Sweeping the Nation — and Your WDW Store!

Fidget Spinners: the Fun Toy Sweeping the Nation — and Your WDW Store!


By now, everyone has heard of fidget spinners or seen someone playing with one. Adults and kids of all ages love collecting fidget spinners and using them to keep their busy hands occupied! And guess what? You can get fidget spinners at Walt Disney World too. We have an assortment of park-exclusive fidget spinners at Your WDW Store with your favorite characters on them, and some of them even light up!

Light-up fidget spinners look so cool and magical when they're spinning. We have the light-up spinners with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Stitch, and they're all available in white and black. To get them to light up, just spin them!

We also have fidget spinners with Hello Kitty, Ariel, Pluto, Princess Elsa, Belle, and tons of other beloved Disney characters. These Walt Disney World fidget spinners come straight from the park itself and you can't get them anywhere else, so now's your chance to add to your collection— or buy as a gift for a child's collection. Many kids take their fidget spinner collections very seriously and will love to receive rare, exclusive spinners as a gift. A fidget spinner with their favorite Disney character on it just doubles the fun.

Next time you're out and about, take a look around and see if you notice adults or kids quietly playing with a fidget spinner in one hand while they go about other business. It's more common than you might think. They're addictive, fun to play with, adults find them relaxing, and they help kids burn off a little extra energy that might otherwise have them being disruptive. Obviously, fidget spinners are a great toy.

And now, with Disney, they're perfect!