Your baby’s first birthday is an important life celebration that shouldn't be marked off the calendar. In fact, it’s one milestone not just for the baby but for the parent as well. Surviving the first year of becoming a parent is one celebration that’s worth planning and treasuring for the next few years. A fun and memorable first birthday party can be hosted in a variety of ways- from cake smashing to an elaborate birthday party. But for many first-time parents, a traditional birthday party is often the best choice. And you can make this the anchor of your celebration and host a unique celebration by keeping an eye on details.

One way to incorporate details into the birthday party celebration is by paying attention to the loot bags that can serve as giveaways to young guests and those young at heart. The theme and the contents of the loot bags can make or break the celebrations, so it’s critical that these should form part of the birthday plans and actual celebration. But don’t just collect ‘tired-looking’ and ordinary loot bags that are often seen in many birthday celebrations.  What you can do is to add fun and value into the celebration by planning the loot bags that will be distributed during the party.

Identify the birthday party theme

The search for appropriate birthday loot bag contents starts with the identification of a birthday theme. The availability of birthday themes is not the issue; rather it’s in the selection of appropriate birthday theme that will reflect the baby’s personality and parent preference. A popular birthday theme that never goes out of style is ‘Sesame Street’. With colorful characters like ‘Big Bird’ and ‘Elmo’, introducing fun into the celebration is never a problem. Anything ‘Disney’ can also work as a reliable birthday theme. Disney characters like ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Minnie Mouse’ are familiar characters that appeal to almost all age groups, of different backgrounds.

Once the theme has been identified, then that’s the time you can start shopping for gift items and other collectibles that can be included in the loot bags. For a ‘Sesame Street’ theme, you can shop for school supplies like pencil cases, ball pens and bags imprinted with Sesame Street characters. And if you have selected ‘Disney’ as your thematic inspiration, then Disney collectibles like pins and apparel can work as loot bag contents.  Characters inspired by the hit movie ‘Frozen’ are now the favorites among kids. Consider including Elsa, Olaf and Anna as your chosen characters in packing and building your birthday loot bags.

With these themes and loot bag suggestions, it’s easier to plan a fun first birthday party that everyone can cherish. Fun and entertainment can be found in the details, thus you’ll need to prepare for the event by learning more about different themes and working with sellers that can offer themed gifts and giveaways.