Disney products have the unique ability to make anyone feel like a kid. Whether 5 or 95, there is a Disney character that appeals to each and every person. Watch the person on your gift list's eyes light up as she opens one of these Disney-inspired gifts for Christmas or for her birthday.

Give the gift of holiday decor for seasons to come by purchasing a Christmas ornament for the Disney lover in your life. Select an ornament based on her favorite character, or get a more generic Disney ornament that appeals to everyone. A simple year ornament is also a great gift as it allows the recipient to recall a specific Christmas each time she looks at it.

Keep your Disney lover lounging in style with comfortable pajama pants. These cozy pants are available for men and women and in multiple sizes for each gender. Choose a whole pajama set rather than just pants for a really special gift.

Disney-inspired figures allow people to enjoy their favorite cartoon character throughout the year. Look at both the big figures and the small figurines before you make your purchase. Buy the figure that is inspired by the recipient's favorite Disney movie to show how well you know her.

Buying a gift for the Disney lover in your life is not a hard task. There are many items from which to choose, and while some are season and holiday specific, others are suitable to look at and use throughout the year. Take the recipient's favorite characters into consideration as you browse to make sure the gift is something that truly represents her.