H20+ Skincare

The Disney Company usually brings their A-game to everything they do, from their movies to their merchandise. The idea is that people will pay money for plenty of items, but even more people will pay even more money if those items are noticeably high-quality. This simple philosophy guided the company’s earliest artistic achievements, and the corporate behemoth of today still follows it.

When we say they do this for just about everything, we mean just about everything. If you’ve ever showered at a Disney hotel, you already know what we’re talking about. Here is some information on the bath amenities by a long-time Disney partner, H20+.

What is H20+?

H20+, more formally known as H20 Plus, LLC, is a skincare products developer with a singular mission: “encouraging women to define beauty on their own terms.” Since its founding in 1989, this company has strongly emphasized the importance of pure water as an ingredient in both its products and life itself. Even with it is not the main purpose of a certain product, the overwhelming majority of their beauty and hygiene items are designed to keep the skin hydrated.

Aside from this guiding ideal, they also focus on innovation. H20+ is more than just a manufacturer. They are also a leading developer in their market, and their laboratories explore and experiment more than most. Their output combines their sophisticated technology and methods with all-natural ingredients taken straight from the sea. The results are unparalleled shampoos, body washes, lotions, make-up, gels, and other items that heal the skin and purify your body.

Adding Disney to H20+

In 2006, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts was looking for a partner who could provide their guests with high-quality bathroom and washroom amenities. In their search for high-quality products that hotel residents would appreciate, they found their ideal ally in H20+. Since then, they have teamed up to bring H20+ products to Disney resorts around the world. These include the Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in China, and Disneyland Resort Paris.

As with the breadth of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ responsibilities, their alliance with the beauty care company runs deeper than just the hotels near the parks. You can find H20+ items on the Disney Cruises — a natural fit, given how much their products and formulations draw from the oceans. You can even find them at Disney Vacation Club properties.

The partnership has been fruitful and extensive these past 13 years, and there’s a reason for that: guests rave about them. People enjoy smuggling H20+ shampoos and soaps in their luggage as they leave the hotels. It seems that the combination of innovation, artistry, and a commitment to quality has paid off nicely for H20+, and in a way that might make Walt Disney proud.

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