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Our standard return policy sufficiently covers the holiday season, and all instances that would otherwise be considered "holiday season" since holidays are frequent and long lived. Starting off with New Years Day, we have Valentines day, Saint Valentine's Day to be exact, followed by Saint Patrick's Day, Good Friday, Easter, and of course Mardi Gras. We have Independence Day and Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Day and many other days mixed in. Many people simply assume the holiday season is selective to only the big three, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there's so much more magic and holiday spirit than we can possibly wrap our heads around. In our particular niche of business, everything we sell is considered a gift, either for someone else, or for the person purchasing (It's okay to treat yourself!). For our business, the holiday season is always.

  • We ask that our customers ALWAYS open and inspect the items they purchase and receive from us, UPON DELIVERY.
  • Report damages to us within 24 hrs of receipt so we have the opportunity to file an insurance claim with the carrier and get you a replacement item sent out, if possible.
  • Report shipments as possibly being lost in transit if they have not been delivered within 15 days of shipment.
  • While we ask you to be patient with us, we do so simply because we have no control over your package once it leaves our hands. Report issues to us as quickly as possible, and we will do our part to file claims and send replacements when we can, as quickly as we can. We can always count on the carrier (USPS or Fed-Ex) to muck things up and take more time than is necessary to resolve things, so it is imperative that we not add to that mess.
For all technical aspects of our standard return policy, please consult our standard return policy. Thank you.