Every little girl is a princess in her own right. Help the little girl in your life flaunt this fact by purchasing Disney princess-clad items. There is the perfect gift for every need and every little princess. Choose the recipient's favorite Disney princess, or purchase gifts featuring all of the princesses. 

Teach your child financial responsibility while also decorating her room by giving the gift of a coin bank. Each coin bank features a different princess, which allows you to purchase the one your child likes most. Collect them all for additional coin storage and for added princess decor. 

Princess decor does not have to stop in the bedroom. Princess cups allow your little girl to take her favorite characters to every room of the house. These cups are plastic, so they are break-proof and safe for little hands. 

Take your child's love for Disney princesses outside of the house with the purchase of clothing and accessories. Choose from shirts, hats, sandals and more. If your princess is into jewelry, choose from bracelets and necklaces. Customize your child's look by purchasing a charm bracelet, and add charms featuring all of her favorite Disney characters. Allow purses, keychains and lunchboxes to round out her princess look. 

Disney princess merchandise abounds, and there is something for everyone. Whether you want subtle princess influence on your daughter's decor and clothing or you want to go all out, it is not hard to find the perfect gift. Keep these ideas in mind, and do not let your child be afraid to explore her inner princess.