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We offer International Shipping and will explain the charges and policy here;

  • International Shipping charges apply to orders destined for anywhere outside the United States of America, and their territories. Yes, this includes Mexico and Canada.
  • S&H is an abbreviation for Shipping and Handling. This is not postage, although postage does make up the lions share of S&H. We charge S&H, not raw postage. We pay our employees to pack your orders and ensure they are protected, pay for packing materials, boxes, tape, and supplies, and have 25+ temperature controlled warehouses to store our merchandise. All of these costs, including a portion of the warehousing, makes up the S&H charge. S&H is non-negotiable.
  • Even though you pick the shipping carrier, we reserve the right to change the shipping carrier at will. This is done to UPGRADE or ENHANCE the shipping of your package. We do this when one carrier shows significant delays or delivery times when we are printing shipping label(s) for the order. If you have an issue with a specific carrier, delivery person, etc. We ask that you specifically state in the order comments that you want ONLY want your package shipped via the carrier you have selected. We will then disregard any faster delivery time estimates and ship only with the carrier you have selected at the time of checkout.
  • S&H does not include insurance premiums. Insurance premiums are the sole financial responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable under any circumstances once the order is shipped. All sales are final.
  • S&H does not include international customs or duties, taxes, or any other associates fees or charges associated with delivery of the order. These charges are assessed by YOUR COUNTRY. They are the sole financial responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable under any circumstances. If your country assess the customs or duties charges and you refuse to pay them, and the package is returned to us, we will refuse the return. All sales are final. We will inform your financial institution of your refusal to pay customs on your purchase and that the package was not delivered, solely due to your refusal to pay such charges.
  • We offer free shipping on select items, shipped within the United States. We DO NOT offer free international shipping.
  • In all cases, we ask that our customers understand what they are purchasing, understand that shipping is not free (No shipping company offers NO COST shipping as of the date of this notice) and even with FREE SHIPPING offers, the cost of shipping each individual item is included in the cost of the item itself. You just don't get to see what it costs, you don't get to pick your carrier, you have NO CONTROL over how your packages are shipped. We thank you for your understanding. In fact, your placing orders on our site verifies that you agree to and accept all of our terms and conditions, including our domestic shipping charges. Thank you in advance for your business. If this prevents you from ordering with us, we apologize and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors finding the same items we sell, elsewhere.