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We offer International Shipping.

  • We offer world wide shipping
  • If your country is not listed in the list of countries during check out, then we do not ship DIRECTLY to your country. But we will ship to your country, through a freight forwarding company.
  • In all cases of International Shipping, the customer is responsible for any and all customs, taxes, duties or import fees, associated with the delivery, whether paid at the time of delivery or assessed and charged afterwards.
  • If you do not want to pay these customs, duties, taxes, or import fees, you do not have to. You do not have to pay these fees on items you do not order. No order, no fees. NO - we will not pay those fee's for you.
  • We are not your country, or your government. We do not have the ability to levy fees, charge import taxes or duties on your packages, or collect these monies. That is why we do not include those fees in our charges. If you do not understand this, please google "google translate" and then cut and paste this text into your language. Hmmmm. if you understand that, then you probably understand the whole thing. Good Luck!
  • If you still have questions about paying for customs, please contact your local government, customs agency, or political leader.
  • If you wonder why the shipping cost for international shipments is so much higher than what you pay to ship the the United States, please note: We are not shipping hundreds of dollars of jewelry in a brown paper envelope with a stamp on it. Additionally, we have no control over international shipping rates. And lastly, a single one ounce envelope returned to us because you did not provide us with your FULL AND COMPLETE shipping address, costs about $30.00 USD in lost postage. Those costs add up, which is why so many US sellers do not ship internationally.
  • If you wish to create a reliable and dependable relationship with our company, which can lead to lower shipping rates, please make sure your address is correct and that you order frequently enough that we know your address is reliable and your local deliveries actually get delivered to you.