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This section of our Terms and Conditions is in reference to Item and Product review submissions to CDI Marketing and Your WDW Store. All product reviews are unsolicited, and not sponsored by any official entity. We do not pay people to submit reviews. We do not reward reviews whether positive or negative. All information submitted in relation to a product review can and may be edited by our staff before final posting. All information submitted is voluntary and once submitted is the property of CDI Marketing and whereby CDI Marketing then has full rights to such information and its use. Product reviews and Item reviews are synonymous terms that we can and do interchange from time to time. They should both be assumed to be the same term. Product reviews are a way for customers who purchase the specific product or item in question, to review the item or product itself. Unsolicited product reviews submitted by online trolls or others seeking to discredit or adversely affect a products view or presence are hereby prohibited. Any soliciting is prohibited. Reviews submitted by entities that have no right submitting such reviews to our website may have their comments altered to reflect a positive view or neutral affiliation with the product in question. Any additional impertinent information, (i.e. information not directly affiliated with the item or products aspects) may be altered or removed altogether. Product reviews submitted by customers who have purchased the product or item from our website may be altered before final posting to our website. As such, any and all information voluntarily submitted to our website may be altered in any way shape or form, including content and opinion. We are not in the business to allow "occasional angry and spiteful" people to post negative reviews about products we sell, especially when they have not purchased these items from us. We do our best to eliminate libelous material, and protect the intellectual property rights of the manufacturers, distributors and others who are seeking a positive experience on our website. We take product and item reviews very seriously. As such, we ask that product reviews specifically be about the product, and aspects of the product itself. Any additional information may be removed.