Loungefly: Chic Designer Items Based on Disney

Of all the people who make it a point to keep up with fashion trends, many make a distinction between chic styles and pop culture. Chic is what is in, and it can be bold, experimental, and above all us, good-looking. It does not often ally itself with pop culture, viewing it as a lower form of culture. Fashion based on that would be derivative at best and trashy at worst.

Many other fashion enthusiasts, as well as more casual shoppers who just want something that looks good, are not as troubled about the distinction. Some designers and entertainment companies have taken note, including, naturally, Disney. Here is some information about Loungefly’s Disney designer fashion accessories.

What is Loungefly?

Loungefly calls itself a “premiere contemporary accessory company constantly striving to be cutting edge and creative.” They have been designing and selling handbags, backpacks, wallets, and various other accessories for just over two decades. They stand out in part because of their partnerships with multiple massive international brands. Their selection is full of fashion items featuring characters and imagery from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Sanrio, and My Little Pony.

Naturally, many other manufacturers make items based on these brands as well. What truly makes Loungefly notable among the competition is that their products are definitely chic. The company’s designers are careful and discerning in their approach to creating appealing and tasteful merchandise, including accessories based on widely beloved brands like Disney. Loungefly only offers the most fashionable products, and fans of both haute couture and the House Mouse appreciate them for it.

What Do They Sell?

Loungefly mostly offers fashion accessories, meaning wearable (and fashionable!) items that are not exactly clothing. Many of their products come with a Disney spin. For example, backpacks may have high-quality all-over prints featuring popular characters from their history. Some of their equally stylish “mini backpacks,” as well as certain purses and wallets, even somewhat resemble the characters themselves. Loungefly Disney products also encompass fanny packs, waist pouches, and even zip pouches for make-up.

For the most part, their products can be divided into two types. Character showcases explicitly feature artistic renderings or reinterpretations of Disney characters, who dominate the design. On the other hand, many other products center on a single symbol or image or icon, such as a coin purse with Rafiki’s drawing of Simba or a backpack covered in roses like the one from Beauty and the Beast. Shoppers have their choice of being overt or subtle in expressing their love for all things Disney.

Loungefly Disney Accessories for Sale

We at Your WDW Store have seen a lot of merchandise, some high in quality, some not. Of course, we only offer the stuff that impresses us and, moreover, our customers. We greatly admire the vision and imagination of the designers at Loungefly. They take what might be considered the most lowbrow form of fashion —pop culture-branded merchandise — and transform it into something actually chic.

That is why we are proud to offer hundreds of top-notch Loungefly Disney accessories. Everything is themed to your favorite characters, and everything is designed with an emphasis on good taste. Try these products for yourself and discover how you can look great while still showing your love.