You'll never guess who has been spotted out on the town recently, and quite frequently...two very high profile, high society icons, Mickey Mouse and Vera Bradley.  It’s quite obvious that this union is going to stand the test of time, as the two make a perfect couple.  They seem to get along quite famously, as each brings much style and fun to the other.  As couples go, these two are lookin’ good. Sources say they bring out the best in each other, and it’s predicted that after an appropriate length of time, there may be future offspring on the way!
Mickey needs no introduction; he’s the iconic mouse who has been stealing our hearts since 1928.  He’s been present in our lives long enough to know his way around.  He will be a great asset to the Vera Bradley line, and we expect big things to come of this union!
Founded in 1982 by friends and neighbors Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, the Vera Bradley line of pocketbooks has come to be synonymous with boldly colored and patterned cotton cloth pocketbooks, purses and wallets.  Not only highly functional and clever in design, Vera Bradley bags are exceptionally durable and despite their feminine stylings, they’re actually quite rugged; able to withstand the sometimes overly-stressing demands placed on purses and handbags belonging to busy women.
The name Vera Bradley comes from Baekgaard's mother, Vera. The bag’s initial production began in the Fort Wayne garage of Miller.  Since that time there have been numerous additions to the collection like travel duffels, backpacks, laptop backpacks, totes, wrist accessories and jewelry cases. Additionally there are umbrellas, napkins, placemats, and much more, including new items for Baby.
We are happy to embrace the surprise coming together of these two, and look forward to seeing more to come from them.  Who knew?